Omar Chávez explains why he and his brother are angry with Julio César Chávez

Omar Chávez, Julio César y Julio César Chávez Jr.

Omar Chavez, son of legend Julio Cesar Chavezexplained that his brother JC Chávez Jr. and he is upset with his father because he did not pay them what was agreed for the function they starred in Jalisco Stadium.

“It is true that I am not a fan of Canelo (Alvarez), but I know how to recognize the athlete that he is as a gentleman and I am even proud that he puts the name of my country up high as my father did ”, he wrote Omar in a letter that he published in Instagram. “I am not upset with my father for putting him in the ring, he can be friends with anyone, if there is annoyance with my father it is for other things.”

During an interview with Yordi Pink, the legend revealed that his sons did not speak to him because he brought Saúl into the ring in his last exhibition match against Hector Camacho Jr., something that Omar denied.

“He says I’m not talking to him about the CaneloRather, it saddens me that they do not fulfill the contract that I signed through my father’s company for the last boxing exhibition, ”he wrote. “I know they will say they beat me, I don’t know what, they will criticize, but I made a deal to prepare for a fight in which I worked. It is true that I did not achieve the result, there was a cut that made the fight difficult for me and then I could no longer go for the victory ”.

Payment problems

Omar fought on June 19 of this year against Ramon Alvarez, brother of Canelo, at 160 lbs. The judges gave the Jalisco boxer the victory by a wide unanimous decision of 80-72, 80-73 and 79-73.

“The contract was to go up for pay and it is not right for me to condition my profit, when they gave me a very small part of what was agreed upon when I fulfilled my part, so there is no need to make mitotes,” he said. “I love my father very much, but my annoyance is because of that.”

In the pre-star fight, Chavez Jr. faced Anderson Silva, former middleweight champion of the UFC, with whom he added his sixth defeat by falling by a decision divided by double 77-75 in favor of the Brazilian and another 77-75 in favor of the Mexican.

“It makes me sad that my father creates those things that would make me angry for that nonsense and I know that he is an influential person, where they can put ideas that if I am far away it is because I am bad or because I bring problems and that he believes that it is so and wants to take measures to come for me using their influence with the police or others and try to lock me up ”, he published. “I do not want my version to go unnoticed and that tomorrow they lead me to lock myself up and lose a year for being in a clinic.”


During the conversation with Yordi Rosado, Julio César Chávez He revealed that his children were addicts and that it was his fault, for which he had to admit them to his clinic.

“It scares me and I worry that they will bother me for telling the truth, but I am more afraid that they will do things to me and without me saying anything and giving my point of view,” he said. “My father sometimes acts out of anger or because of what they say to him and sometimes without even feeling bad. A clinic must be a means for certain types of underlying problems, not simply by assuming that there is one or by a courage that is an easy way out ”.

Omar Chavez He closed his letter by stating that his only intention is to get paid the money owed to him.

“My intention is not to harm or speak ill of absolutely anyone, only that the truth exists and that they respect my work, and pay for what is done,” he added. “If the person responsible is my father, who owns the company that has my payment withheld or if they are the promoters or the person who presides over the company, let him be responsible for the fulfillment of my contract.”

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