The Pampa Biaggio on the return from San Lorenzo to Boedo: “It is the greatest thing, what we always want”

The Pampa Biaggio on the return from San Lorenzo to Boedo: "It is the greatest thing, what we always want"

Pampa Claudio Biaggio expressed on ESPN how happy he was at the news that San Lorenzo could return to Boedo. The current coach of South America in the First Division of Uruguay highlighted: “Like a crow, this is the best thing that can happen to you.”

Last Thursday, August 5, the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires approved the second reading of the Boedo Rezoning project, which allows San Lorenzo to build its stadium on the premises of Avenida La Plata 1700, where El Gasómetro was located. , whose last game was played in December 1979.

This week, the former footballer and former coach of the Barça team commented on his feelings when he heard the news: “It’s the greatest thing, it’s what we’ve always wanted from the day we left; we should never have left ”.

“Luckily there were people who were excited and worked so that this could be a reality. Now we have to wait, we have to be calm, know that we are coming back, that we no longer have problems in our lands ”, he reflected.

And he added: “Hopefully it will be as soon as possible, knowing the economic situation of the country and also of San Lorenzo to build a stadium, but enjoying that moment, the moment of once again having what we really deserved.”

El Pampa indicated that the rival fans will no longer be able to dedicate several songs to San Lorenzo, such as the one that asked ‘What neighborhood are you from?’

“For one like a crow, it’s the best thing that can happen to you. We go back to our home again, we go back to where we really always had to be. San Lorenzo has these things, there were people who fought, the fans fought a lot and today we are lucky enough to be able to say ‘we are going home’ ”, Biaggio remarked, visibly excited and happy.

The champion of the Clausura 1995 with San Lorenzo, and coach of the first between 2017 and 2019, said he was very happy to be working in Uruguay: “I want to continue here, Uruguayan football gave me a lot as a player and now it’s giving a lot as a coach ”.

On its return to the First Division, South America finished in tenth position in Apertura 2021, already managing to be out of the relegation zone with fifteen games to go to the end of the season. The Uruguayan Soccer Closing Tournament will begin on September 11.

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