The URBA Top 12 and a date 6 with several classics: all the previous

The URBA Top 12 and a date 6 with several classics: all the previous

The URBA Top 12 continues his march after a great day last week. This Saturday the date 6, in the only one televised at 13.30 live on ESPN Extra, they will meet in Benavídez Newman and SIC. Secondly, Hindú-CUBA, Belgrano-Alumni, Regatas-Pucará, BACRC-Los Tilos and CASI-San Luis, at 15.30, they can be seen live by

Newman vs. SIC (Saturday at 1:30 p.m. live on ESPN Extra)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: It is the match of the date between two clubs that arrive playing very good rugby so far in the tournament. Newman does it in an ideal state, after beating Hindú in Benavídez, with a remarkable demonstration of his game, six tries and 22 points from Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada. The final 51 to 15 in favor of the Cardinal surprised by the forcefulness on the scoreboard. On the other hand, SIC continues as leader, together with CUBA, after winning the fifth consecutive game. This time he had some resistance from San Luis, who reached the defensive bonus in a disputed 32 to 26. The team led by González Bonorino continues to show that when he attacks he does not forgive (he is the highest scorer of the tournament with 207 goals).

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: With a great task from the forwards, associated play and the creativity of their scorer, Gutiérrez Taboada, in Newman they dream of being in the finals and seeking their longed-for first URBA title. While the SIC defends its position as the last champion very well. Strength in the formations and a very homogeneous squad, with bases to continue at the top, claims and arguments to repeat what was done in the last tournament.

BACKGROUND: In 2019, the year of the last trench title, he took both duels against the Cardinal. In Benavídez, by 27 to 19 and, in San Isidro, by 25 to 20. Newman has not won on his court since 2016 when he did it by 30 to 20.

Hindu vs. CUBA (Saturday at 3.30 pm live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If they did not expect something for Don Torcuato, it was the surprise they received from Newman, with more than 50 points against, something that had not happened to them since November 2018, when the CASI thrashed them 56 to 17 on the 22nd date of that tournament. Thus, Hindú added two consecutive falls, since on the fourth date it had lost against the SIC. While CUBA is the other face, it shares the top of the URBA Top 12 with the SIC with 22 units, and it is affirmed with a bold proposal that was consolidated by consecutive successes. They beat Belgrano Athletic on matchday five by 36-22.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: From the finals that they played since 2013, each Hindu-CUBA has a special flavor, due to the rivalry that was generated after the University title and the following two of those of Don Torcuato, in definitions that were repeated for three consecutive years . Next weekend, the seasoning will be to see how Francisco Fernández Miranda’s team will seek to recover after those unexpected falls. For CUBA, it will be the opportunity to affirm their great start and how well they adapted to a new game system, with the best defense of the tournament to date and a very effective attack, which has a Benjamin Gutiérrez Meabe inspired, both by his runs on the tips as well as his effectiveness against the sticks.

BACKGROUND: Hindú prevailed in the last three games against CUBA. Universitario last won at Don Torcuato in 2018, 46-26 on the second round.

Belgrano vs. Alumni (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The classic between Belgrano and Alumni finds two clubs in different tune. Those of Virrey del Pino obtained a good victory against Newman and another in the debut, against Regatas. Later they lost to the SIC, Hindú and CUBA. On the other hand, in Tortuguitas they do not lose footing the leaders of the contest, with a start to pure celebration and 5 out of 5 in the triumphs. Last Saturday they had nothing left over, but they still managed to win by at least 18 to 17 against Regatas.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: On the side of Belgrano, they have not yet managed to consolidate their style of play, which conspicuously does not find solidity in what he did best, defend and have a decisive achievement. While at Alumni, the triumphs brought tranquility to work, although they still did not shine, but they showed commitment when things did not work out. The forwards worked well on defense and held a result that was never comfortable against Regatas last Saturday.

BACKGROUND: The classic returns to Virrey del Pino after two years, after in 2019 Alumni obtained the last two games, 28 to 26 as visitors and 22 to 16 in Tortuguitas. For Brown, the last celebrations on his court were in 2017 for 26 to 24 and 2018, for 40 to 15.

Regattas vs. Pucará (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After suffering the fifth consecutive defeat, Regatas took the first point of the tournament in his visit to Tortuguitas, after a tight fall by 18 to 17. The Camerlinckx team offered their best version in the Top 12, however, they could stay with the triumph that he was looking for and that at times he deserved. On the other hand, Pucará felt very well the victory in the Cathedral and after an even clash against Buenos Aires he obtained the second victory of the season by 29 to 24. In Burzaco’s team the forwards stood out, who played a great role. to hold a highly contested match between both packs.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: If Regatas repeats some of the many things it did well against Alumni, the results will come on their own. The young people, who surprise from the bottom with their very good skills, this time they lacked better decisions. However, an interesting idea was seen in that proposal. While Pucará is asserting itself little by little, thanks to the work of the forwards in the contact zones. The leadership of Germán Klubus is key in the driving and something of the power of his backs is always expected.

BACKGROUND: On the 17th date of 2019, it was finally given to Regatas, which in Bella Vista won by 43-22 and cut a series of six games without being able to win. Pucará took two wins in a row as a visitor and scored the same number of points: 19 to 18 in 2017 and 19 to 15 in 2018.

Buenos Aires vs. Los Tilos (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After a wait that lasted too long, after the promotions of 2019, Buenos Aires and Los Tilos seek to establish themselves in a tournament that does not give them respite. BACRC lost the five games it played, and only last Saturday was it able to rescue the first point by defensive bonus, falling in Burzaco by 29 to 24. On the other hand, Los Tilos reaped something else, such as winning the classic in San Luis and winning to Pucará on the second date. But in the middle, he also suffered 78 goals in his visit to the SIC and, last Saturday in Barrio Obrero, they could not beat the CASI and lost 26-31.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In BACRC the search will be based on consolidating the positive sections for a longer time, which were quite a few in this tournament and showed that they can grow if they keep trying throughout the year. While Los Tilos showed intermittences, consistency in some cases and fragility in others. Finding balance will be the goal for the remainder of the season.

BACKGROUND: 21 years have passed since the last time Los Tilos visited Buenos Aires in a match for the highest category of Buenos Aires rugby. It was in 2000 with a victory from La Plata by 26 to 17. In 2019, they were measured in First A, with two triumphs of the Barrio Obrero team.

ALMOST vs. San Luis (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After four defeats in a row, the CASI managed to win: it was in Barrio Obrero against Los Tilos by 31 to 26, in a match that seemed settled with the 31 to 16 and that was complicated in the closing with two tries from the La Plata team. On the other hand, San Luis visited the last champion and lost by 36 to 29. The Maristas still do not win in the Top 12, but sometimes in the losses, positive signs are also shown, for example, the performance against the SIC was a one of the best of the Catalans in this tournament.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: With the clean and jerk of performance that went from low to high, the ALMOST began to oil the gears. They had been very close in the falls before Alumni and Pucará; and in La Plata, finally, they were able to get the first celebration. Receiving San Luis in the prelude to the San Isidro classic will be a good measure to come into focus to visit the last champion. While at the Summit they were satisfied with what they did during the last date: they encouraged the SIC, supported four tries and added the third defensive bonus in the Top 12.

BACKGROUND: The CASI has three defeats in a row against San Luis in the Cathedral, where they beat him for the last time in 2014, by 40 to 14. The last Marist visit was in 2019, where they were imposed by 17 to 13.

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