Hindu won an important 36-25 victory against CUBA

Hindu won an important 36-25 victory against CUBA

With just, Hindú managed to end the bad streak after beating CUBA 36-25 in Don Torcuato on the sixth date of the URBA Top 12, remaining fifth in the table while the university students fell in position and are third.

With a solid visitor start, the scoreboard opened with a try by Rafael Iriarte at nine minutes despite the fact that Don Torcuato’s men scored a victory and a penalty that left them with the slightest advantage in the first fraction of the game.

From the hand of the scorer, Benjamin Gutiérrez Meabe, CUBA achieved the greatest difference of the match after scoring 10 points that were quickly balanced at the end of the first half by a try obtained by a passing game and a precise kick of the opening Santiago Fernández finished by Martín Cancelliere.

The complement opened with a 15-18 score that was quickly altered by a try by Agustín Capurro In the five minutes that showed the change of mentality of the premises, despite having had two reprimands during the match.

Hindu’s triple try score, one of them try penal, led the score to the biggest difference of the match 36-18 directing the long-awaited local triumph that was discounted at the end by a try by Felipe de la Vega that left the final result of 36-25.


HINDU (36): 1- Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, 2- Agustín Capurro, 3- Nicolás Leiva; 4 Carlos Repetto, 5- Juan Comolli; 6- Nicolás D’Amorim, 7- Nicolás Amaya, 8- Lautaro Bavaro; 9- Lucas Pulido, 10- Santiago Fernández (C); 11- Federico Graglia, 12- Joaquín de la Vega, 13- Belisario Agulla, 14- Lisandro Rodríguez, 15- Martín Cancelliere.

Changes: ST: 2 ‘Gonzalo Delguy by Lautaro Bavaro, 18’ Bautista Farisé by Belisario Agulla, 25 ‘Lucas Camacho by Lucas Pulido, Federico Lavanini by Juan Comolli and Isaías Quiroga by Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, 31’ Julián Gauthier by Agustín Capurro.

Trainers: Francisco Fernández Miranda, Hernán Senillosa and Juan Gauthier.

CUBA (25): 1-Francisco Garoby, 2- Enrique Devoto, 3- Estanislao Carullo, 4- Santiago Uriarte, 5- Gerónimo Conte Grand, 6- Pedro Mastroizzi, 7- Segundo Pisani (C), 8- Lucas Maguire, 9- Rafael Iriarte, 10- Rodrigo Ávalos, 11- Benjamín Gutiérrez, 12- Felipe De la Vega, 13- Yavü Glenny, 14-Agustín Migliore; 15- Mark Moroni.

Changes: PT: 1 ‘Joaquín Alemán by Enrique Devoto. ST: 9 ‘Bautista Casaurang by Yavü Glenny, 12’ Elías Agustín by Estanislao Carullo and 21 ‘Tomás Recondo by Gerónimo Conte Grand.

Trainers: Tomás Coppola, Agustín Benedicto and Federico Sala.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 9 ‘Try by Rafael Iriarte converted by Benjamín Gutiérrez (C), 12’ Penalty by Santiago Fernández (H), 14 ‘Try by Nicolás Amaya (H), 21’ and 27 ‘Penalties by Benjamín Gutiérrez (C), 24’ Try by Benjamín Gutiérrez (C) 40 ‘Try by Martín Cancelliere converted by Santiago Fernández (H).

Partial result: Hindu 15 – CUBA 18

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 5 ‘Try by Agustín Capurro converted by Santiago Fernández (H), 14’ Try Penal (H), 16 ‘Try by Santiago Fernández converted by himself (H), 27’ Try by Felipe De la Vega converted by Benjamín Gutiérrez ( C).

Final score: Hindu 36 – CUBA 25

Admonished: PT: 11 ‘Francisco Garoby (C). ST: 27 ‘Nicolás D’Amorim (H) and 38’ Julián Gauthier (H).

REFEREE: Pablo Deluca

BASKETBALL COURT: Hindú Club, Don Torcuato

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