In the Cathedral, San Luis won it in the last against ALMOST

In the Cathedral, San Luis won it in the last against ALMOST

In a very even game, saint Louis won the 31-29 victory over the ALMOST thanks to maul’s try signed by Mateo Calistro and to the subsequent conversion of Felipe Hernandez. The people of La Plata managed to rebuild and take a very important victory in San Isidro.

The meeting featured two teams that seemed to have studied each other well. The Atlético San Isidro Club sought to complicate the meeting points for San Luis by using players to fish and generate penalties, while the team from La Plata tried to impose their physical strength and rigor through forwards. It was precisely through this means that the visiting team struck first with a maul try, which came after a penalty that also ended in yellow for Geronimo Prisciantelli. The ALMOST tested the effectiveness of its kickers every time it could pass the ten of its rival. In each possibility he had, he added points thanks to the foot of Martin Roger Farías. After a try supported by Nicolas Cotella and the subsequent conversion of said center, those of San Isidro closed the first part up from 16 to 14.

Starting the second half, Gerónimo Prisciantelli received the second yellow card for a tackle without the use of arms and went to the locker room early. Despite having one less player, the local team drew superhuman forces and managed to get more distance on the scoreboard again thanks to the precision of Martín Roger Farías. The match was a cockfight to see who could break the other. For San Luis, his center Teo Ferrari appeared, breaking the line of advantage and supporting under the ingoal. The CASI for its part responded with a line and maul try, signed by the debutant Juan Torres Obeid.

It seemed that anyone could win the points and you could see the tensions that the few spectators suffered from outside. It all came down to a series of unforced errors by those from San Isidro that ended up defending in their own goal. Minute 76, a prepared play by the La Plata forwards with a great push and try from Mateo Calistro who left the match tied at 29 and with the chance to go on to win at the feet of Felipe Hernández. The fullback was 100% effective and everyone feared that number would not weigh on their head. With an expectant silence of the result of the kick, the number 15 from La Plata arranged the ball and pointed it at the sticks. Touch soft and in. Euphoria and madness of San Luis that achieved a very important triumph.

On the next date of the URBA Top 12, those from La Plata will receive Buenos Aires CRC in the search to continue their string of good performances, while the CASI will play the San Isidro classic against the SIC, which will seek to reverse the defeat against Newman.


ALMOST (29): 1. Facundo Scaiano, 2. Bautista Bernasconi, 3. Hugo García, 4. Agustín Posleman, 5. Tomás Carman, 6. Luis Briatore, 7. Vicente Boronat (C), 8. Juan Ymaz, 9. Luca Canzani, 10 Gerónimo Prisciantelli, 11. Nicolás Cotella. 12. Martín Roger, 13. Matías Phelan, 14. Tomás Descalzo, 15. Tobías Casaurang.

CHANGES: PT 36 ‘Juan Torres Obeid by Bautista Bernasconi. ST 10 ‘Alejandro Brousson by Facundo Scaiano, 20’ Juan Nieto Sánchez by Hugo García, Agustín Figuerola by Luca Canzani, 26 ‘Joaquín Palisa by Matías Phelan

SAINT LUIS (31):1. Alan Oubiña (C), 2. Exequiel Martínez, 3. Rodrigo Oubiña, 4. Pedro Acerbo, 5. Marco Morimanno, 6. Nahuel Curti, 7. Franco Gnecco, 8. Santiago Canal, 9. Ignacio Castiglione, 10. Segundo Blanco Fresco, 11. Facundo Cúcolo, 12. Gonzalo Molina Ferrer, 13. Teo Ferrari, 14. Eduardo Ruesta, 15. Felipe Hernández.

CHANGES: ST 6 ‘Bautista Magliano for Segundo Blanco, Felipe Piatti for Marco Morimanno, 15’ Luka Gullo for Ignacio Castiglione

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 14 ‘try by Santiago Canal and Conversion by Felipe Hernández (SL), 16’ penalty by Martín Roger (C), 25 ‘penalty by Martín Roger (C), 29’ try by Franco Gnecco and conversion by Felipe Hernández (SL) , 33 ‘try by Nicolás Cotella and conversion by Martín Roger (C), 37’ penalty by Martín Roger (C).

Partial Result: ALMOST 16 -San Luis 14

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3 ‘penalty by Martín Roger (C), 45’ try by Teo Ferrari and conversion by Felipe Hernández (SL), 12 ‘try by Juan Torres Obeid and conversion by Martín Roger (C), 26’ penalty by Felipe Hernández (SL ), 30 ‘penalty by Martín Roger (C), 36’ try by Mateo Calistro and conversion by Felipe Hernández (SL).

WARNED AND EXPELLED: Yellow PT 13 ‘Gerónimo Prisciantelli (C). ST 5 ‘second yellow and red Gerónimo Prisciantelli (C), 11’ yellow Felipe Piatti (SL).

Final score: ALMOST 29-31 San Luis

BASKETBALL COURT: Athletic Club San Isidro.

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