Los Tilos woke up in the second half and beat Buenos Aires

Los Tilos woke up in the second half and beat Buenos Aires

Los Tilos defeated, as a visitor, to Buenos Aires by 30-23, and recovered from the defeat against ALMOST, 26-31, of the last date.

BIEI received the Barrio Obrero team, in the meeting of the newly promoted, for the sixth date of the URBA Top 12 tournament. Buenos Aires had lost 29-24 against Pucará, and thus accumulated 5 consecutive defeats, while the visit it was coming off an uneven start, with 2 wins and 3 losses.

The meeting began with Biei as the protagonist. Through your captain, Agustin Peirano, opened the scoring with two penalties. I seek to play every time I had the ball and it forced Los Tilos to make a lot of mistakes. The forwards’ collision was very even, and none managed to exploit the spaces.

Los Tilos kept looking with their backs, strongest point of the day. He managed to support the rival ingoal through his Baptist Roberti center, after a great play. This did not erase the mistakes that the team had been making, especially in the fixed formations., and made Biei reach two tries, one for a liveliness of Ramiro Costa who blocked a kick and managed to support. Already when the first half closed the fullback, Manuel Tuculet, exploited his speed, leaving rivals along the way, to shorten the distance.

The plugin was a totally different version of both teams. Los Tilos grew exponentially, their backs seized the confidence they lacked in the first stage, and they took advantage of every space that the premises left. The game flowed, they were smart to take advantage of the downwind, and the defense stopped having failures at the time of the tackle, leaving its ingoal in zero.

Biei could not play: The large number of penalties committed, and the rival defense, they did not let their players gain meters. They spent most of the 40 minutes defending, and they couldn’t keep up with what they had done in the first half.


BUENOS AIRES (23): 1- Facundo Cambiasso, 2- Tomás Rosasco, 3- Blas Coria; 4- Facundo Picca, 5- Franco Baldoni; 6- Julian Pomerantz, 7- Ignacio Almasqué, 8- Jordi Dieguez; 9- Joaquín Pellandini, 10- Alejo Novo; 11- Tomás Acosta Pimentel; 12- Agustin Lamensa, 13- Ramiro Torres; 14- Alfonso Latorre; 15- Agustin Peirano ©. .

Changes: ET: Francisco Lamensa by Joaquín Pellandini. ST: 12 ‘Camilo Ihan for Franco Baldoni, 20’ Juan Segundo Campbell for Jordi Dieguez, 20 ‘Iñaki Iguiñiz.

Trainers: Nicolas De Gregori.

THE TILOS (30): 1- Elio Basualdo, 2- Ivan Korenblit, 23- Manuel Puertas; 4- Martin Vergani, 5- Gianluca Broglia; 6- Maximiliano Alonso, 7- Felipe Puertas, 8- Bautista Gatti; 9- Pedro Rodríguez Alcobendas, 10- Bautista Santamarina; 11- Tomás Fernandez Armendariz; 20- Bautista Roberti, 13- Bautista Azcárate; 14- Mateo Tuculet ©; 15- Manuel Tuculet.

Changes: ST: 37 ‘Marcos Albina by Pedro Rodríguez Alcobendas, 37’ Tiago Bassagaisteguy by Mateo Tuculet.

Trainers: Ramiro Bernal and Leandro Fioravanti.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 7 ‘Agustin Peirano (B) penalty, 11’ Agustin Peirano (B) penalty, 14 ‘Bautista Roberti try converted by Bautista Santamarina (LT), 27’ Agustin Lamensa try converted by Agustin Peirano (B), 35 ‘Bautista Santamarina penalty (LT), 36 ‘try Ramiro Costa converted by Agustin Peirano (B), 40’ try Manuel Tuculet converted by Bautista Santamarina (LT).

Partial result: 23-17.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 9 ‘penalty Bautista Santamarina (LT), 17’ try Mateo Tuculet converted by Bautista Santamarina (LT), 36 ‘penalty Bautista Santamarina (LT).

Final result: 23-30.

Admonished: ST: 37 ‘Facundo Picca (B).

REFEREE: Santiago de Achaval.


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