URBA Top 12: Newman reacted and beat the SIC with the last clean and jerk

URBA Top 12: Newman reacted and beat the SIC with the last clean and jerk

It wasn’t the best afternoon, but the weaknesses that are managed to reverse in the course of a match have an extra joy. If it is with the forwards propping up, nothing less than against the SIC, more still. And if in the last play you turn a result that throughout 80 ‘was adverse, then yes, It is justified the joy and Newman’s celebrations after beating SIC 24-19 for the 6th date of the URBA Top 12.

There were two faces to both, one in which SIC had the wind in its favor, handcuffed its rival, did not let him play his game, made him uncomfortable in the fixed formations and patiently took advantage of the scoreboard with the good foot of Joaquín Lamas (2 penalties) and the speed of Justo Piccardo that marked the only try of the first stage.

In the complement, with the 11-0 partial and a new shipment to the posts of Lamas everything closed so that it is the afternoon of the SIC. To top it all, just the 13´ of the complement Newman added the first 3 points with the foot of Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada and at the start, the visitor responded with another run in the last meters, this time from de Hyacinth campbell.

Everything was framed for the ditch, but Newman woke up and brought out his best repertoire in Benavidez. Matched the forwards and in the first one that Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada and Juan Daireaux joined, the latter served a precise kick to Francisco Montoya, which was torn in the chop, but arrived at the ingoal.

From there the local saw that the feat was not impossible and exerted pressure to obtain the leadership that the SIC had already set aside. Two penalty tries gave him the victory. The first with the forwards of a scrum, no less than against SIC, and the second by an improper hand from Mateo Madero in the epilogue.

The two faces for both left Newman with agonizing triumph and unbridled celebration with his audience once the game was over. It was not for less, it was necessary to ratify what was done seven days ago before Hindu and when everything seemed that before those of Boulogne was diluted, drew that strength, mental and physical, to reverse it and strip the SIC of the undefeated and the top of the tournament, which now belongs to him.


NEWMAN (24): 1- Alberto Porolli, 2- Marcelo Brandi, 3- Luciano Borio, 4- Tomás Ureta, 5- Alejandro Urtubey, 6- Mateo Montoya, 7- Miguel Urtubey (C), 8- Joaquín de la Vega, 9- Lucas Marguery, 10- Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada, 11- Agustín Gosio, 12- Tomás Keena, 13- Felipe Freyre, 14- Justo Ortíz Basualdo, 15- Juan Daireaux.

Changes: PT: 31´ Francisco Montoya by Gosio. ST: 4´Jerónimo Ureta by Mateo Montoya, 5´ Miguel Prince by Justo Ortiz Basualdo (T), 13´ Mariano Urtubey by Borio, 13´ Miguel Prince by Porolli, 20´ Florencio Llerena by Francisco Montoya.

Trainers: Alfredo Cordone, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey.

SIC (19): 1- Marcos Piccinini, 2- Lucas Rocha, 3- Marcos Gatica, 4- Lucas Sommer, 5- Marcos Borghi, 6- Andrea Panzarini, 7- Tomás Comissati, 8- Tomás Meyrelles (C), 9- Juan Soares Gache, 10 – Joaquín Lamas, 11- Mateo Madero, 12- Justo Piccardo, 13- Carlos Pirán, 14- Jacinto Campbell, 15- Facundo Giorgutti.

Changes: PT: 29´ Federico Haedo for Rocha (T), 31´ Mateo Albanese for Juan Soares Gache. ST: 2´ Alejandro Daireaux by Meyrelles, 18´ Juan Francisco Pachano by Piccinini, 18´ Gonzalo Hughes by Gatica, 18´ Federico Haedo by Rocha, 21´ Santiago Pavlovsky by Campbell, 21´ Santos Rubio by Giorgiotti.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonorino, Lucas Cilley and Eduardo Victorica.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: : 9 ‘try by Justo Piccardo (S), 19 and 36’ penalties by Joaquín Lamas (S).

Partial result: Newman 0 – 11 SIC.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3 ‘penalty by Joaquín Lamas (S), 12’ Penalty by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada, 14 ‘Try by Jacinto Campbell (S), 18’ Try by Francisco Montoya converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N), 36 and 40 ‘Try penalty ( N)

WARNED: PT: 19´ Agustín Gosio (N). ST: 1´ Alberto Porolli and 40´ Mateo Madero (S).

BLUE CARD: 21´ Jacinto Campbell (S).


REFEREE: Juan Pablo Federico.

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