Boca Juniors vs. Racing Club – Match Report – August 29, 2021

Boca Juniors vs.  Racing Club - Match Report - August 29, 2021

( – In the classic of the ninth date, Boca and Racing tied 0-0 at La Bombonera. Thus, the Xeneize was with 11 points eight from the lead, while the Academy is three.

In an opaque match and without many situations, it was Boca who had the clearest chances and deserved to take more than one point.

Racing perfectly fulfilled the defensive task, consolidated in the background of the hand of Arias, the figure of the match, and thus ratified the defensive solidity in this tournament, where they scored a goal in nine games.

The first half of the game was too boring. With two teams that respected each other a lot, that had no surprise and almost did not generate dangerous situations.

The best was in the end, with a free kick by Aaron Molinas that Izquierdoz headed only at goal, but the goalkeeper Arias covered the near post in a masterful way.

Before, on the Racing side, just a shot to the goal that Rossi contained without much difficulty.

In the middle there were two teams that defended themselves well. Boca bet with Sández, Pavón and Ramírez on the left, but the band was well controlled by the Academy

Racing tried more on the side of Advíncula, with a good job from Lovera, but lacked a collective game.

In the complement, things were similar at the beginning, but little by little Boca began to have more the ball and tried through Ramírez, the best of Xeneize together with Rojo, to arrive in danger.

Precisely from the former San Lorenzo came a very good play that left the youthful forward Vázquez alone against Arias, but the Chilean goalkeeper blocked very well before the goal shot.

With Ramírez and Molinas more associated Boca grew, Briasco entered (through Pavón) to overflow and Sández, who when he rises is another forward, generated danger over the visiting area.

In this way at 38 minutes, Ramírez yielded for Sández and the center found Vázquez to define with a header: with Arias defeated, Nery Domínguez saved on the line. Already in injury time another center at the head of Vázquez showed Arias well stopped to stop the ball.

In short, in a game that did not leave too much, Boca deserved a little more than a Racing well standing in defense, but which is difficult to generate in the rival goal.

The point did not help them too much thinking about fighting the lead, although without a doubt the Academy was more satisfied than the Xeneize with the point achieved in La Bombonera.

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