This was the hot confrontation between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

Careo entre Jake Paul y Tyron Woodley

Jake paul and Tyron woodley They lived an intense last confrontation prior to their confrontation in the cruiserweight weights of this Sunday, August 29.

During the confrontation, both fighters collided with heads and the YouTuber raised his finger to the former champion of the UFC.

While, Woodley He broke the shock by making a clear signal with his hands inviting him to start the game.

Prior to this meeting, a member of the Jake got into an argument with the mother of Tyron woodley, which became viral during the networks when seeing the fighter of the UFC furious with the attitudes of the people of Paul.

The YouTuber stopped the scale at 190 pounds, while Tyron scored 189.5 pounds, the highest weight in his entire career after nearly his entire career in the UFC He did it in the welterweight division (170 pounds).

The physical advantage for Jake paul It is very noticeable, since there are 10 centimeters of difference between one and the other, and it will try to take advantage of the weight that will be raised to use it as an advantage.

Jake you said you don’t expect a threat from the veteran Woodley and that he already points to the next rival of his career, but Tyron has been a little more measured about what will be his first fight as a professional boxer

“I am seeing beyond Tyron woodley”, He confessed Paul. “People sometimes pretend they have a very tough opponent ahead of them when they don’t. I honestly don’t see it as a threat and I know what’s going to happen. I am very confident in my boxing. I’m really thinking about who will be my next opponent ”.

Paul He has already beaten all three of his previous opponents on the fast track, so he will try to extend his record to four wins. No one has endured more than two episodes against him YouTuber, so we will have to wait to see the performance of Woodley.

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