Women’s rugby: City was forceful and thrashed Banco Hipotecario

Women's rugby: City was forceful and thrashed Banco Hipotecario

City exceeded 62 to 0 to Banco Hipotecario and celebrated as a local third date of the URBA Ten women’s tournament.

The Núñez team did not take long to take the initiative of the match and with a very fast game they managed to support at 4 minutes in the ingoal of the Tecarias by the hand of Lilen correnti, author of two more tries in the match. Despite the tough defense of hipotecary Banc, the local knew how to handle the ball well and extended the advantage to 19 to 0 in the first two halves of the match.

The wear of each tackle began to be noticed in the third stage and, although both teams resorted to the substitute bench, only Town he knew how to take advantage of the shortcoming of hipotecary Banc and keep adding tries from the hand of Camila Vargaz, Carolina Carrera and Vanesa León.

A very forceful meeting in which City achieved the bonus after thrashing 62 to 0 to hipotecary Banc. And with this match he adds his second victory in the championship, which allows him to establish himself at the top along with Guernica, who leads the tournament table by points difference.


CITY (62): 11. Gabriela Mendez, 34. Cristina Lagoria (C), 12 Carolina Lugo, 9. Evangelina Fomina, 22 Alfonsina Avendaño, 11. Camila Vargaz, 11. Ana Porlay, 20. Carolina Carrera, 9. Lilen Correnti, 15. Julieta Brizuela .

Changes: Marjiorie Medina by Carolina Lugo; Adriana Geronimo by Gabriela Mendez; Vanesa Leon by Cristina Lagoria.

Trainers: Nicolas Taiana and Mariano Fernandez.

MORTGAGE BANK (0): 1. Mailen Marinella, 2. Karen Villalobos, 6. Diana Medina, 9, Oriana Duarte (C), 10. Lucía Casanova, 11. Lorien Legnini, 12. April Gabriele, 13. Florencia Sosa, 14. Lucía Zapata, 15. Aylen Pereyra, 17. Lorena De Los Santos, 4. Candela Ortiz, 19. Lidia Casanova, 20 Amira Buztamante.

Changes: Lidia Casanova by Mailen Marinella, Lorena De Los Santos by Lorien Legnini, Candela Ortiz by Karen Villalobos, Amira Buztamante by Lucía Zapata.

Trainers: Juan Pablo López, Germán Virdó and Carlos López.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 4´ try by Lilen Correnti converted by Alfonsina Avendaño (C)

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 13´ try by Camila Vargaz (C); 19´ try by Lilen Correnti converted by Alfonsina Avendaño (C).

Partial result: CITY 19 – 0 MORTGAGE BANK

POINTS IN THE THIRD TIME: 21´ try by Lilen Correnti (C); 23´ try by Carolina Carrera converted by Alfonsina Avendaño (C); 26´ try by Camila Vargaz converted by Alfonsina Avendaño (C), 30´ try by Vanesa Leon converted by Carolina Carrera (C)

POINTS IN THE FOURTH TIME: 34´ try by Carolina Carrera (C); 37´ try by Camila Vargaz converted by Carolina Carrera (C); 40´ try by Carolina Carrera (C).

Final score: CITY 62 – 0 MORTGAGE BANK.

WARNED: Mailen Marinella (BH); Carolina Lugo (C).

REFEREE: Marcelo pilara

BASKETBALL COURT: City of Buenos Aires Club.

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