“I felt like I was with Mike Tyson”: Warrington recalls knockout against Bronco Lara

Primera derrota de Josh Warrington

Josh warrington, former world featherweight champion for the FIB, he recalled his knockout against Mauricio “Bronco” Lara in February of this year and assured that he came to feel the hit of the Mexican as if it were Mike tyson.

“I won the fifth (round), probably the sixth too,” said the Englishman in an interview with The Guardian. “He won the next two rounds, but I was breathing really hard and I thought, ‘I’m still at this,’ but the truth is that my resistance to blows was gone. By the ninth round I felt like I was there with Mike tyson. He caught me again and I was out. I see the lights and I can hear the count, ‘one, two’. I was going to sit down and the referee stopped me, ‘it’s over, Josh‘”.

Lara came as the underdog by a wide margin over the then undefeated Warrington, but the latter underestimated him and the hard punch of Lara began to wreak havoc on the British.

“When I landed the first right hand I thought, ‘This is going to be a walk in the park,'” he said. “But he caught me multiple times with uppercuts because my hands were down. I was a bit arrogant and laid back and that’s usually not me. His confidence grew. Then he caught me in the room and that’s how the fight went ”.

Josh was champion of the 126 pounds by FIB, organism that put him to Kid galahad as a mandatory challenger, but the English preferred to challenge Xu Can, champion in the same division for the AMB.

Nevertheless, Dog withdrew from the race and FIB again asked him to fight against Galahad, so that Warrington decided to drop the belt and face Mauricio Lara.

“I’ve never staggered like this and I’ve been up against some hard-hitting boxers and they hit me clean,” he admitted. Josh

. “This was like never before, never buzzed like this. It was a weird feeling and after I got up, it wasn’t there. I went back to the corner and in that minute, listening to my dad (also a coach), I didn’t know what he was saying ”.

That was the first loss of his career after posting a perfect 30-0 record with seven victories via chloroform, so he wondered what had happened against an opponent who was not even known.

“Dammit, Lara has done nothing but fight in small holes in Mexico and suddenly he is here, in a huge stadium “, he commented Warrington. “All the credit to him, he has earned it.”

Reaction after defeat

After his first lost fight as a professional, Josh warrington He also suffered a broken jaw and recounted what the moments after that defeat were like, with the doctors asking him to go to the hospital.

“I vaguely remember that (my wife) Natasha it went to me, “he added. “We passed by Lara for an interview and then I’m in the ambulance. I broke down and felt very lonely in the hospital. I went for a CT scan. “

“We tried to smile on our faces, but they knew something was wrong,” he considered. “All their gifts were arranged in the room, but they turned around with Natasha and they said, ‘what about dad?’ We tried to make it a good day for them and for them to enjoy it. They had a tea party, but it was a long, hard day. “

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