Jake Paul disappoints but remains undefeated by split decision defeat of Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul disappoints but remains undefeated by split decision defeat of Tyron Woodley

Jake paul He disappointed in his fourth fight as a professional boxer, but still managed to stay undefeated by defeating the former boxing champion by split decision. UFC, Tyron woodley, in function of Showtime Boxing celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio.

All that he YouTuber He said during the preview against the former mixed martial arts fighter, he could not back him in the ring. The cards were 77-75 and 78-74 in favor of Paul, while the other judge saw 77-75 for Tyron.

TO Jake It was difficult for him to find his distance and he was slow to release his combinations that were short, of three or four strokes, in addition to respecting the punch of Woodley.

For its part, Tyron He was the one who always wanted to go to the front, but he was seen with an unorthodox guard, much like the one used in MMA, and he threw very few blows.

Paul, looking for the counterattack, it was difficult for him to connect his fists during the first two rounds, at the same time that he was accurate to avoid the blows by the expeller of UFC.

After the first two rounds Jake paul He was the one who threw more fists and managed to put a couple of combinations, for the third Tyron woodley

was more accurate and connected to YouTuber on different occasions.

This caused Paul was more careful when looking to enter and for the next two chapters he had a hard time closing the distance, while Tyron He managed to connect it to put him in trouble with a forehand fly that caused the influencer’s legs to shake.

However, when it seemed that already Woodley established himself inside the ring and the physicist began to play a trick on Jake paul, Tyron he started to land the best fists of the fight, but didn’t put his foot on the gas to win.

For the last round, the two tried to leave everything inside the ring and connected on multiple occasions, but the confrontation was tilted in favor of the YouTuber.

The contest was difficult to qualify, mainly in the final rounds because Tyron woodley I hardly throw punches anymore Jake paul it was difficult for him to enter.

Woodley he asked for revenge Paul, but the latter assured that he will take a break to find out what the next step in his career will be.

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