Mauro Zárate and his departure from Boca, in FOOTBALL 90: “I don’t understand why I got injured so much”

Mauro Zárate and his departure from Boca, in FOOTBALL 90: "I don't understand why I got injured so much"

Mauro Zarate broke the silence in FOOTBALL 90 after your disengagement from Boca Juniors, said he did not understand why he suffered so many injuries and confirmed that he will continue his career in another country.

In Boca the pressure is great and the demands are extreme“, assured the forward.

Next, the best phrases of Zárate in ESPN F90:

“I spoke with the Council that it was time to say goodbye to Boca.”

“I never called Roman or anything like that to come back.”

“I see the team to follow my former teammates because I want them to do well. But I already enjoyed what I had to enjoy and now I dedicate myself to enjoying my family and playing in the place that touches me.”

“In the next few hours the chance to go to a team from another country can be confirmed.”

“If we go to the numbers, I will have completed about 63 games in minutes and I scored 21 or 22 goals. What I wanted was to win the Copa Libertadores and I couldn’t do it. I’m leaving with a thorn.”

“When you play in a big team there is a lot of competition and you have to be prepared. My substitution in many cases was due to injuries and not due to performance.”

“With Guillermo (Barros Schelotto) I started and then I missed the final. He apologized and I accepted them. With (Gustavo) Alfaro I was almost always a starter and was the team’s scorer. With Miguel (Russo) I had many injuries and I didn’t I could never affirm. “

“I had the injury in Quito and I got touched to the semi with River … then I started with Russo, I scored two goals against Paranaense and I got injured again.”

“Roman (Riquelme) himself said it: ‘Mauro was killed by injuries.’ I don’t understand why I get injured so much because I take great care of myself. Sometimes the head plays another game that we don’t know how to handle.”

“In Boca the pressure is great and the demands are extreme.”

“I preferred to end things well with the people of the club, with the Council.”

“I like to play 9 and with Miguel I did not touch a ball. Then others came in and they did not touch it or have scoring chances. At times he had a bad time. Even Carlos (Tevez) had to throw himself far back and take advantage of the speed of (Sebastián Villa) “.

“With Russo we talked calmly … and sometimes not so much (laughs)”.

“My best moment in Boca was on the left with Alfaro. It depends on how the team plays.”

“When Riquelme speaks to you, you listen much more than when a leader who was not on the court goes.”

“Mundo Boca is not difficult, but some players are weak in the head. For the good and the bad, in Boca it is multiplied by ten.”

“With Bebelo (Reynoso) I felt comfortable. I knew he was going to receive the ball at the foot, that he was going to show himself. He was an exquisite player. It gave me pleasure to play with him.”

“With Heinze I played 5 and 9. And he was right because when I put 5 with Nico Domínguez he was doing well. He is one of the best coaches I had.”

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