Sarmiento (Junín) vs. River Plate – Game Report – August 30, 2021

Sarmiento (Junín) vs.  River Plate - Game Report - August 30, 2021

( – River beat Sarmiento in Junín in the hour 2 to 1 and thus remains in the fight for the Professional Football League.

The Millionaire has 17 points and is two from the leader Lanús, and one from the Independiente escort, whom he will face on the next date. Sarmiento, meanwhile, was left with 10 units.

River took a well-deserved and tight victory from Junín, with a team with many youth and substitutes, due to the calls for the national teams for the Qualifiers and due to some injuries.

Franco Armani and Julián Alvarez, Chilean Paulo Díaz and Paraguayans Robert Rojas and David Martínez were absent when summoned for the FIFA date, while Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Matías Suárez and Fabrizio Angileri are injured.

In the first half Sarmiento hit fast and first. They were only 11 minutes when Montes faced only towards the goal against Bologna. But it was delayed in the definition and it seemed that the danger passed.

However, the ball was recovered by Sarmiento, a center came to the edge of the area that Alanis connected badly, but ended up surprising the goalkeeper: the ball, before the astonished gaze of Enzo Pérez and Bologna, slowly got into the goal.

Sarmiento in those minutes was well stopped, taking advantage of the spaces left by River in the background with his improvised defense (Peña, Enzo Pérez and Zuculini, with Vigo and Casco on the wings). However, the Millionaire had his chances, with a shot that hit Vicentini’s post.

Bologna took a shot from Quiroga, but little by little the visit began to grow on the left side of the hand of the climbs of Casco, one of the best of that stage. That is where the tying goal arrived.

The side overflowed like a forward and gave the ball to Carrascal, who took an extraordinary shot that got into Vicentini’s angle for 1 to 1, in the 33rd minute.

In addition, River improved and was superior, against a Sarmiento who lost control of the middle of the field. There was a clear penalty from Montoya to Braian Romero when the 9th entered to define, and Girotti immediately had it headlong, but the goalkeeper got the goal.

With a good level of Carrascal and Palavecino, River went for the victory without much clarity and situations, while Sarmiento defended himself as best he could. Even more so when at 34 minutes the defender Salvareschi was sent off at the Green for a double yellow.

Already at the end of the game, a ball into the area was left in the middle of several legs that they could not reject and Enzo Pérez found the ball in the small area for the 2 to 1 final, when they were 45 minutes into the game.

Thus River added three fundamental points to continue on in the fight for the title, hoping to recover some of the injured in the face of what comes next.

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