Where to watch the Kazuto Ioka vs Chihuas Rodríguez fight, on which channel and at what time

Dónde ver la pelea de Kazuto Ioka vs Chihuas Rodríguez, en qué canal y a qué hora

This Wednesday the first of September will be the fight between Kazuto Ioka vs Francisco “Chihuas” Rodríguez and here in the Box Billboard we tell you where to watch the fight, on what channel and at what time.

The month of September will start with everything and the Japanese, super fly world champion of the OMB, will expose his title to the former Mexican world champion, Francisco “Chihuas” Rodríguez at General Ota-City Gym, from Tokyo, Japan.

It should be remembered that last June, the World Boxing Organization sent the request to Ioka, to defend his title against Chihuas Rodriguez.

The Mexican boxer has a record of 34 wins and 4 losses, with 24 knockouts and a draw. In the meantime, Kazuto Ioka He has a record of 26 wins, 2 losses and 15 knockouts.

Ioka He is one of the greatest exponents of Japanese boxing. He has world titles in four different divisions. Comes off a high profile victory over his compatriot Kosei Tanaka.

The Chihuas, meanwhile, seeks to return to the great boxing evenings. In 2014, he was crowned minimumweight world champion by the OMB knocking out Merlito Sabillo. He made a unification before the monarch of the FIB, Katsunari takayama, whom he won by unanimous decision.

That unification and his style appealing to the fan made the Chihuas in a new figure in Mexican boxing. The champion decided to vacate his titles to move up to mini flyweight and challenge the champion of the OMB, Donnie nietes, In Philippines. Rodriguez lost the unanimous decision. This was followed by another defeat against Moi Fuentes and his career began to blur.

The Chihuas He did not fight for a world title again until 2021 when he received the opportunity to challenge Kazuto Ioka.

“The fight comes at a good time, I feel good physically and mentally, I have gained more experience in my boxing. A champion is respected, but above the ring I have a lot to hurt him, the style will be coupled, and I see him and I can beat him, the champion is tough, but he is not invincible “, said the Chihuas in an interview with Fox Sports.

So here we tell you where to watch the Kazuto Ioka fight vs Chihuas Rodríguez, on what channel and at what time.

For Latin America the fight Kazuto Ioka vs Chihuas Rodríguez will go on ESPN

Throughout Latin America, the fight of Kazuto Ioka vs Chihuas Rodriguez Will carry it ESPN. As the fight will be in Japan, it will happen on Wednesday morning in the American continent.

ESPN appointment at 9 in the morning for Uruguay and Argentina; 8 in the morning for Chile and Venezuela; 7 in the morning for Mexico and Colombia; and 6 in the morning for Central America.

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