Sherman Guity: I showed that with effort anything can be done “

Sherman Guity: I showed that with effort anything can be done "

The athlete still has a chance to compete for another medal next Friday, September 3, in the 200 meters

The heart of Sherman Guity he almost stopped when he saw that his name and the flag of Costa Rica appeared in the medal table after the final of the 100 meters was concluded where he achieved an unprecedented historical event such as the silver medal in such an important stage as the Paralympic Games.

The para athlete was a projectile on the track, he came out with the adrenaline to the maximum, at his sides he had high-level athletes but Sherman was confident and no one was going to stand in the way between him and a medal.

“It has been a great work of effort, we have been working for many years to be able to get here and yesterday I showed that with effort everything can be done,” he said.

“I have no words to say what I felt, I won and that shows that all my effort has not been in vain and that I was able to get the medal,” added Guity.

The athlete described each moment of the competition but emphasized that his departure was a vital point in order to finish on the podium with a time of 10.78.

“They were many attempts, the truth is that the only thing I was thinking about was giving everything, I had talked to my coach and we had less than a day to improve the start, we worked on that and I was able to do a little better and that’s where I could to grab a few hundredths valuable for the race and “to be able to close with everything, it was incredible when my name was on the medal table,” he explained.

Sherman Guity He has gone through many obstacles after he had the serious motorcycle accident that took his left leg in 2017 and after that he took another bitter drink when he made a mistake that cost him a two-year punishment by using a medicine to help him to heal an ear piercing and this turned out to be a prohibited substance so he could not compete in the Parapan American Games of Lima 2019 but never lowered his head and in Tokyo came his moment to triumph.

“Losing my leg was something very hard, the second was the sanction that I never expected, I couldn’t believe that they would punish me for that, mentally that destroyed me for a long time but I didn’t get up alone, I needed a lot of support and I still want to take advantage of it to thank to all those who supported me ”, he sentenced.

Sherman Guity his participation in the Paralympic Games, his next test will be the 200 meters where he is convinced that he has the conditions to fight again for the podium.

“The truth is that I cannot belittle or belittle the other competitors who are also strong, the only thing I can promise is that I will give my all and make an effort, I hope the medal comes out,” he commented.

Sherman Guity He has already made history as a Costa Rican athlete and he still has many dreams to fulfill, the first of those will be next Friday at 6:30 when he returns to the track.

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