Claressa Shields returns to the PFL cage on October 27 against Mexico’s Abigail Montes

Claressa Shields returns to the PFL cage on October 27 against Mexico's Abigail Montes

After recording her first win as a professional mixed martial arts professional in June, Claressa Shields will return to the PFL cage on October 27, the boxing champion announced Thursday. PFL officials confirmed to ESPN that he will face Mexico’s Abigail Montes, 21.

“I’m always training. I’m always working,” Shields told SportsCenter Thursday morning. “It’s really about focusing on learning everything and becoming an MMA fighter. So we go back to jiu-jitsu, we go back to fighting, we go back to ground-and-pound, there’s a lot of work I have to do.”

Shields came from behind to defeat Brittney Elkin in her MMA debut. Elkin dominated Shields for the first two rounds, knocking her down, holding position and landing punches on the ground. Shields turned the tables in the third, knocking Elkin down and hitting her with his knees and fists before the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Shields was tentatively scheduled to fight on August 27, but instead her next fight will be in the final event of the PFL season. Meanwhile, Shields, ESPN’s No. 2 boxer in the women’s pound-for-pound ranking, has not had another boxing match and continues to train at Jackson Wink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“We don’t forget about my boxing,” he said. “We add everything to my boxing because that’s my strongest point. I know what I’m doing on the ground, I know what I’m doing standing up, of course, and I know how to get out of those dangerous positions and what to do even if I can’t understand. completely how to get up, try to avoid those arm bars and those triangles. That has been the most important thing so far, and now that we’ve been learning and working on expansion skills on the matre, it’s just about making sure we don’t get knocked down. and that we finish the girls standing up. “

Shields-Montes will not be part of the PFL “league,” but it will be a standout fight for the organization.

Montes is 2-0 in MMA, and his last fight in April was a win over Teresita De Jesús López in the iKon Fighting Federation.

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