European Super Cup fixture confirmed

European Super Cup fixture confirmed

The Rugby Europe announced the arrival of the Super cup, a tournament that appears with the aim of developing the sport in emerging federations. The first edition of the contest, which will have your first date on the weekend of September 18 and 19, will have 8 teams that will be divided into two conferences and that will have its final on May 22 of next year.

Rugby wants to continue expanding its borders. The confederation that regulates sport in the old continent, in collaboration with the World Rugby, took a big step in his quest to further develop emerging federations. This new tournament will feature teams of Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and Russia, the only country that added more than one team.

The Super Cup will take place between September 2021 and May 2022, with a group stage (divided into east and west conference), semis and final. The first stage will have six crossings, home and away, between the teams of each conference, culminating on December 12. Once the groups are defined, the first two teams from each zone will meet in the semifinals in April and the winners will finally meet on May 22 in the final.

Western Conference: Brussels Devils (Belgium) – The Delta (Netherlands) – Los Lusitanos (Portugal) – Castilla y Leon Iberians (Spain)

Eastern Conference: The Black Lion (Georgia) – Tel Aviv Heat (Israel) – ENISEY-STM and Lokomotiv Penza (Russia)

According to Rugby Europe, the objective of this tournament will be to improve the level of developing players and the teams that have franchises in it. Likewise, the confederation also announced that there is the intention that more and more teams from different countries and federations join the tournament and begin to grow within the sport.

Complete fixture:

Date 1:

Delta – Brussels Devils (Saturday, September 18)
Lusitanos – Castilla y Leon Iberians (Saturday, September 18)
Enisei-STM – Lokomotiv Penza (Sunday, September 19)
Black Lion – Tel-Aviv Heat (Saturday, October 16)

Date 2:

Lokomotiv Penza – Enisei-STM (Saturday September 25)
Brussels Devils – Delta Sat (Saturday, September 25)
Castilla y Leon Iberians – Lusitanos (Sunday, September 26)
Tel-Aviv Heat – Black Lion (Saturday, December 18)

Date 3:

Enisei-STM – Tel-Aviv Heat (Saturday, October 23)
Delta – Lusitanos (Saturday October 23)
Lokomotiv Penza – Black Lion (Saturday October 23)
Brussels Devils – Castilla y Leon Iberians (Sunday, October 24)

Date 4:

Enisei-STM – Black Lion (Saturday October 30)
Brussels Devils – Lusitanos (Saturday October 30)
Delta – Castilla y Leon Iberians (Saturday, October 30)
Lokomotiv Penza – Tel-Aviv Heat (Sunday, October 31)

Date 5:

Black Lion – Lokomotiv Penza (Saturday, December 4)
Lusitanos – Brussels Devils (Saturday, December 4)
Tel-Aviv Heat – Enisei-STM (Saturday, December 4)
Castilla y Leon Iberians- Delta Sun (Sunday, December 5)

Date 6:

Castilla y Leon Iberians – Brussels Devils (Saturday, December 11)
Black Lion – Enisei-STM (Saturday, December 11)
Lusitanos – Delta (Saturday, December 11)
Tel-Aviv Heat – Lokomotiv Penza (Saturday, December 11)

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