Fury wants to fight Joshua in December; see no difficulty in Wilder

Fury quiere pelear con Joshua en diciembre; no ve dificultad en Wilder

The dad of Tyson fury assured that his son intends to fight before Anthony Joshua in December of this 2021, since they will beat without problems Deontay Wilder next October.

“We are trying to get to Joshua in December ”, he said John fury in interview for GIVEMESPORT. “We are going to fight for that fight this year. Because we don’t see Wilder as a threat at all. Yes (Tyson) has done everything right to the letter, Wilder not a problem, he already beat him twice and hit him like a rag doll. Wilder it has nothing to offer other than that great blow ”.

Even the father of Tyson fury see your son knocking out Wilder. This time, more forceful than the last.

“But I see Tyson with the mentality he has today knocking him out in four rounds ”, he warned John fury. “I mean, knock him out this time correctly, do the job in such a way that there is no discussion. And after that, a few weeks off, and then against Joshua“.

John fury In the same way, I point out that they should only leave on the road to Tyson wilder, who is just an obstacle to reaching the main objective which is Joshua.

“He will take care of Wilder, no problem at all. I know he has a chance to hit (Wilder), that’s all he has, and wild things happen in boxing, we know, but it’s AJ who we love, and it is AJ who are you going to look at ”, he declared.

“First he is concentrating on Wilder. AJ won’t even play a role in your mind right now because you’re thinking about Wilder

and he’s a dangerous guy. But yeah, we’ll get him out of the way, AJ here we go! ”He explained.

What does Fury expect from Wilder and his new workouts

The father of Tyson fury He assured that the new exercises he is doing do not take away their sleep Wilder with his new coach.

Wilder He has nothing to offer him, just that big hit, ”he said. “And believe me, what I’m seeing in the new coach, we also know a lot about him, so we have no fear.”

In the same way, he pointed out that they will comply in a good way with the policy imposed by a judge of ordering the fight and jettisoning the planning they had with Anthony Joshua.

“We will be on that path. Cause that’s what I wanted from the start and it’s what I wanted Tyson (fight with Joshua) ”, He indicated. “But this of Wilder, It’s come up, you know, we’ve had to deal with that through boxing politics. But listen, he will deal with Wilder No problem. I know he’s got the puncher’s hope, but it’s all he has, and crazy things happen in boxing sometimes, but we know it’s AJ who we want, and it is to AJ who will look for. But he is concentrating first on Wilder. AJ he will not play any role at this time because he is thinking about Wilder, and Wilder he’s a dangerous guy. But we’ll get it out of the way, and we go by AJ“.

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