Gaich on going for promotion with Huesca: “I want to fight for the goal that we all have”

Gaich on going for promotion with Huesca: "I want to fight for the goal that we all have"

The new player of the Huesca, the Argentine striker Adolfo Gaich, He has assured today, in his official presentation, that he does not want to score a specific number of goals for this season but that he comes to help the team, hoping to have more minutes of play than in his previous teams to prove his worth.

“I see it as a great opportunity to be able to play here to help the team and grow both the team and I,” said Gaich, who added that he does not intend “to score a number of goals but to play much more than in the previous teams I was in and fight for the goal that we all have. “

The Argentine center forward has said that he has been informed and that he is aware of how difficult the Spanish Second Division is.

“They have spoken to me and informed me about the category and how difficult it is, and I also know Julio Buffarini; and we have a great challenge, and I hope to be up to the task, and for that I will join the club’s objectives,” he stressed .

The Argentine center forward has ensured that he is already prepared to make his debut against Oviedo next Monday, underlining that he is “ready to play when the coach deems it appropriate.”

I see a great group of people in Huesca and with possibilities to play well, and today we have already practiced for the next day’s game, the player stressed, who assured that he was still awaiting a talk with the coach “of the team.

For his part, the sports director of Huesca, Rubén García, has commented that a winger has not been signed, as was initially thought, because the circumstances did not arise, but that the team’s Mexican coach, Nacho Ambriz, is satisfied with the template you have now.

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