Griezmann, from heir to the throne in Barcelona to exiled king

Griezmann, from heir to the throne in Barcelona to exiled king

Griezmann’s records in two seasons were not outstanding, but neither were they bad, with 35 goals and 17 assists in 102 games played.

Antoine Griezmann arrived at Barcelona in July 2019 as the one chosen to inherit the Barça throne when Leo Messi abdicate, but The little Prince, far from completing the prophecy, he returns to Athletic just two years later and with more disappointments than titles.

No one could explain to the Frenchman when he headed for the Barcelona that his last game at the Camp Nou would be adorned by whistles from the culé fans, nor that he would end up replaced by Mingueza five minutes from the final whistle to maintain a brief 2-1 against Getafe.

But reality had little to do with the script. And is that the forward did not know how to live with Messi in the field for two seasons nor could he impose himself as the new Barça leader once the Argentine’s departure was confirmed. Or maybe the club no longer considered him as such.

The records of Griezmann in two seasons and a sigh they were not outstanding but neither bad, with 35 goals and 17 assists in 102 games played, although the collective baggage was very poor, with only one Copa del Rey (2021) conquered.

Far were the ambitions that he himself transmitted in his presentation as a Barça player: “I accept the challenge that comes. I will try to improve myself. I want to try to win the League, the Cup and the Champions League, which is what I lack in my record”he proclaimed two summers ago.

In those two campaigns the League was never close for Barça, Griezmann was pictured in the 2-8 loss to him Bayern Munich in the Champions League and only added a Copa del Rey to its windows, which will go down in history as Messi’s last title as a Barça player.

The shadow of the Argentine always hovered over the failure of the Frenchman, who only played three official matches after learning about the departure of the Rosario star to the PSG French, overshadowed in that brief start by newcomer Memphis Depay.

No time to see another version of Griezmann, or perhaps the patience of the Camp Nou and its offices was full, the market ruled and the forward went the way he came: yielded to the Atlético de Madrid for two years and with a mandatory purchase option.

The story of The little Prince Turning into a Barça king, he was not consummated despite his efforts to convince himself and others that he could find again the version that made him a reference as rojiblanco and one of the banners of the French team that conquered the 2018 World Cup.

The moral of the story Griezmann It could well be that what bad starts badly ends badly, since the refusal in 2018 to stop at the Camp Nou and the way of announcing it, with a televised documentary, prevented him from falling on his feet in the Catalan capital.

“If I have to apologize to some, it will be in the field where I will do it,” said the Frenchman in his presentation to those who doubted his commitment as a Barça player.

But the Camp Nou, after scrutinizing the Frenchman carefully for two seasons, handed down a sentence just two days after the market closed with whistles much more uncomfortable than the siren songs that came from the Wanda Metropolitano.

If the adventure was not easy, neither was the end, pending his return to Atlético de Madrid from another endless operation with Saúl Ñíguez and Chelsea, but The little Prince he finally left the land of Barcelona to return to where he reigned.

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