Jerry Rice’s best memory

Jerry Rice's best memory

The greatest wide receiver of all time has in his memory one of the most incredible series in Super Bowl history

They say that remembering is living and what better way than to do it with one of the protagonists of that moment. Today we are going to relive THE offensive series, one of the best of all time, and we will do it with the words of the Most valuable Player of the Super Bowl XXIII, Jerry rice.

I was fortunate to be able to chat with the three-time champion of the Super bowl, leader in yards received and touchdowns scored in the history of the NFL, who has endless stories after 20 seasons as a professional player, but there is one that has it well recorded, like many of us who love this sport. I asked him what was the best memory he has of his successful career and he replied “It’s difficult, but there is a very special one.”

In the 23rd edition of the Great Game, the Cincinnati Bengals they won 16-13 at San Francisco 49ers, who had just over three minutes to accomplish the feat and walk the entire field from their 15-yard line and what happened next is something we will never forget.

“I’ll tell you one in particular, I always talk about this one because it happened during the Super Bowl XXIII in the last offensive series with three minutes and 10 seconds against the Cincinnati Bengals. I remember that [Joe] Mountain walks up to the circle and says something about John Candy being in the stands, and then Joe starts the plays “, he told me in an interview Rice.

I can’t imagine the moment when all the players are with the pressure to stop and the adrenaline to the maximum, waiting for their quarterback to tell them the plays, but this one mentions to them that he saw the actor and comedian John Candy. After that they had to play, come back, and take Vince Lombardi home.

“We broke the circle, completely silent, I didn’t hear anything, not the crowd, nothing. He was so focused on just doing what he had to do to catch the ball, move the chains and maintain momentum, because if you make a mistake the game is over and you lose the Super bowl. The Super Bowl XXIII it was very special for me because I was able to win the Mvp, but moving the ball all over the field under that pressure, where you have 11 guys working together and we were able to get to the end zone to win the Super bowl“he recalled Rice, with a smile from ear to ear.

According Mountain and company advanced, Rice He was the key piece, he was always looking for No. 80, who made big plays, in which he took away his rivals and brought his team closer to glory.

And it is that the best receiver of all time revealed that not everything was pressure, he enjoyed every moment of that offensive series, even the final moments, when they were so close to the diagonals and he had to stop being a receiver to become the best actor from Hollywood, inspired by John Candy or just to relax, He knew that the cameras and the rivals would follow him, so John Taylor would have to take advantage of it and was the one chosen to get the winning touchdown.

“As we got closer to the end zone everyone thought the ball would be for me, all I had to do was be an actor,” he recalled with a laugh. “I was just having fun, I knew that when I moved the defense was going to change to me, I’m reading the defense, John Taylor has man coverage one on one, then I heard the fans celebrate and I knew he had caught the ball.”

With a Jerry rice Giving one of the best performances of his life and an offensive series of 11 plays and 92 yards, the 49ers they made us vibrate like never before, winning their third Super bowl and leaving us this memory for eternity

Have been able to talk for more than 15 minutes with the Most valuable Player Of that game, the best receiver of all time is something incomparable that I had to share with you, my readers.

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