Lessons for Jimmy Garoppolo; How do quarterbacks deal with the competition?

Lessons for Jimmy Garoppolo;  How do quarterbacks deal with the competition?

How Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance and the 49ers deal with their situation will have a lot to do with determining how the 2021 season in San Francisco turns out.

SANTA CLARA – The quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo, is no stranger to the changing dynamics of the NFL.

In 2014, Garoppolo was the hand-picked successor by the New England Patriots for Tom brady. For almost four campaigns, Garoppolo took notes regarding how Brady he went about his business and worked to learn anything that might help him one day take charge.

Seven years later Garoppolo is on the other side of the equation. It is the headline for 49ers, but it’s unclear how long he can hold off the third overall pick from the past draft, Trey lance.

In the first weeks of boot camp, the primary strategy of Garoppolo to deal with the presence of Throw is to view it as something you don’t need to deal with. a tactic similar to the one Brady assumed upon arrival of Garoppolo.

“Honestly, I try not to think about it too much,” he said. Garoppolo. “I think those things just come naturally … when you let it happen organically, and it’s more or less what we’ve done, I think that’s when it’s most natural and you can really build a normal relationship between two people … I don’t want to paint a stripe anywhere, or anything like that, but whatever you need, I’m willing to help. “

Sure, this is a unique situation. The 49ers They are the only team in the history of the NFL in taking a quarterback above the 25th spot in the pick order, one season away from an appearance by Super bowl.

The way that Garoppolo, Throw and the 49ers deal with the situation will have a lot to do with determining how the 2021 campaign turns out. As the veteran in the situation, the role of Garoppolo it is especially important. If you can hit every note (combined with much needed injury luck), San Francisco has a chance to re-catapult to the playoffs, and possibly fight for a Super bowl.

Garoppolo seems to be doing just that, so far, something that hasn’t surprised the quarterback member of the Hall of Fame, Steve Young.

“It’s part of the problem, how well he’s dealing with it,” he said. Young. “That makes everything more complex. Management has spoken. The locker room will have their own opinions. Jimmy it’s going to make it a complex situation. “

Young he’s no stranger to complex quarterback scenarios. Neither are they Joe Theismann, Doug flutie and Tony romo, all of them being able to look back to some time of their careers in the shoes of Garoppolo, with important lessons on how to deal with it.

Be a ‘windshield’

In 1982, the ninth-year veteran Theismann led to Washington to a victory in the Super Bowl XVII against the Miami dolphins. As the second act, it led to Washington back to the big game with a prize like Most valuable Player, but fell short of Los angeles raiders.

That didn’t stop Washington to reverse a third-round pick on the quarterback Jay schroeder in the draft of the NFL 1984. At that point, Theismann had already overcome challenges from other quarterbacks like Tom flick (fourth round, 1981).

The key to the success of Theismann it was simple, and it’s one he’s more than willing to share with Garoppolo.

Jimmy he just has to play football, “he said. Theismann. “I’ve never looked over my shoulder. I’ve never been a rearview mirror guy. I’m a windshield guy. I like to see what’s in front of me, and I like to work on what I’m doing to improve.”

For Garoppolo, that means building on the things you did well during an offseason that the head coach Kyle shanahan described as the best he has seen Garoppolo in their four years together.

Garoppolo spent his 40 days away from the facility focused on his playbook, and with the knowledge that Shanahan and the offensive coordinator Mike mcdaniel they would have new details for him to learn. From a physical point of view, Garoppolo He emphasized strengthening the ankle that cost him 10 games in 2020.

“The No. 1 thing is that he must stay healthy,” he said. Theismann. “That’s the most important thing. It’s the only way to improve. I can read a book about tennis, but I can’t play against Rafael NadalSo you have to be out there doing it. “

Teaching by example

Flutie played in 92 games of the NFL during a run that saw him bounce between Canada and the USA. By the time he was no longer competing for a roster spot, but a starting job, he had already gone through so many quarterback contests that he had taken the mode.

Notably, Flutie fought against Rob johnson by the ownership of the Buffalo bills after they both joined the club in 1998. Before that, Flutie had been a three times Most Valuable Player in the CFL and he never considered any of the quarterbacks on his teams as a threat. On Canada, Flutie He openly offered advice and suggestions to the rest of the passers.

The situation in Buffalo it was much more intense. When the situation reached the breaking point at the end of the 2000 campaign, Johnson was left as the owner and Flutie was sent to the San diego chargers.

It was a long and incomprehensible affair, but despite the constant speculation and headlines it generated, Flutie found the best way to deal with it was to stay focused on himself.. That was especially important during training camp when competition was at its highest. Once the campaign started, he was able to lower his guard.

“Once we start the season, it’s a team effort,” he said. Flutie. “I know there was a lot of talk about it, but we both supported each other throughout the season.”

That does not mean that Flutie I would advise going against answering questions from another quarterback during training camp. In fact, Flutie notes that having a constant dialogue with the other quarterbacks is a good way to stay focused on the finer details of the position.

Flutie emphasize the importance of teaching in doing so. In the case of Garoppolo, it is not so much about answering questions about the ‘X’s and O’s‘, as it is to put an example for Throw about how he deals with his day. What time do you have to arrive? How much time do you spend in the video studio? How much attention do you pay to the other quarterbacks’ reps in practice?

According to FlutieAll of this served the dual purpose of helping a teammate, while helping him improve as a player.

“Plus, it’s the work ethic, what you teach,” he said. Flutie. “What it takes to be a quarterback for the NFL and the hours you put in and the video studio and the camaraderie of the offensive line and things of that nature … little things that count a lot in the big picture. “

‘Constructive competition’

A big picture mindset and work ethic that sets the tone will undoubtedly help Garoppolo while improving the team. But, nothing matters more than staying in the game.

When Shanahan I call Garoppolo To tell him about the trade to move to third overall in the draft, one of the veteran’s first questions was whether he would get a chance to compete. When you said yes, Garoppolo he immediately began to prepare.

That has carried over into training camp and extended to the rest of the quarterbacks.

“It’s like constructive competition,” he said. Mcdaniel. “They try to help each other, but they are demanding and they are being responsible to themselves to try to raise their game organically.”

Garoppolo has been made available to Throw when necessary, while staying focused on your primary task. He said he does not seek additional motivation in the presence of Throw, although multiple colleagues have noticed a “fire” that had not been previously seen in Garoppolo.

“I try to do that on my own,” he said. Garoppolo. “If you don’t push yourself, then you have no chance in this game. If you depend on outside forces to motivate you, it will be difficult. At the end of the day, I am as motivated as can be.”

At some point, Lance will overtake Garoppolo as the starter, but so far the Niners don’t seem in a rush to make that change.

A continuous professional attitude will help Garoppolo. Ultimately, how you perform when it matters most will determine how long you will stay as a starter.

“In the NFL, there is always competition, “he said blunt. “Your job as a player is just to get better and better. Decipher what you weren’t that good at in the previous year. As the quarterback, you try to decipher your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. And I feel like they’re always going to throw competition at you. Obviously, for JimmyHis job is to get him out there and play good football, so all right. If he doesn’t play good football, well, nothing will be okay. “

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