Lessons for Trey Lance; How do newbies deal with the competition?

Lessons for Trey Lance;  How do newbies deal with the competition?

Quarterbacks like Carson Palmer, Derek Carr and Steve Young offer Trey Lance suggestions on how to face an NFL rookie campaign behind an established veteran.

SANTA CLARA – When he put the finishing touches on a decorated collegiate career, the USC, Carson palmer, had it all: a victory in the Orange bowl, honors like All-America and of course a Heisman Trophy.

If that wasn’t enough Palmer became the selection of the Cincinnati Bengals with the first global turn in the 2003 NFL draft, a title that came with a whopping $ 42.69 million contract.

And then … he just sat. And he observed. And I hope. By the end of your rookie year, Palmer had received exactly zero plays in a regular season game of the NFL.

“You get to where you’ve always tried to go and it’s the first time in your career where you have to sit and watch,” he said. Palmer. “But if you invest that year in the right way, it is super beneficial. There is so much to learn and so much to gain from it. From that perspective, it is difficult to do it, but very valuable for a young guy.”

Palmer he is the only Top-3 draft pick in the Common Era who did not start a game as a rookie. Could history repeat itself with Trey lance with the San Francisco 49ers?

Entering the 2021 campaign, the 49ers they are one of three teams to decide when to play their coveted rookie passer. What Palmer, Throw earned quite a few collegiate victories and awards, although at the FCS.

Unlike the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets –the teams that selected quarterbacks in turns # 1 and # 2 – the Niners They are not in the early stages of rebuilding with new coaches, and without an established veteran option as a quarterback.

The 49ers they still have the owner Jimmy Garoppolo working with the first unit in training camp and the head coach Kyle shanahan has repeatedly insisted that Garoppolo is the headline until Throw Prove that you give the team “a better chance of winning.”

For now, Throw is working with the substitutes. But, Shanahan has admitted that, unlike Palmer, Throw he’s going to play this year, at least in certain situations. San Francisco has begun to install a variety of plays that take advantage of the athletic abilities of Throw.

It’s all part of the calculation, while the Niners try to find the delicate balance between competing for a Super bowl this year, and prepare for the future.

“Everybody is seeing that, but we are in a situation where I don’t see them competing,” he said. Shanahan. “When you have quarterbacks with different abilities, it helps me a bit to look at it in a similar way to other positions. And because of that, I don’t think it’s a problem on our team. And it’s not a problem there when it comes to discussing what we want. do”.

As other quarterbacks recruited at the top of the draft can attest, such as Palmer, Derek Carr and Steve Young, the highest priority of Throw It should be to make sure you are doing your best to be ready when your time comes. Whenever it arrives.

‘Just absorb it all’

For a rookie quarterback trying to adjust to the speed, physical play, and complexity of the NFLTaking it easy always seems like a good idea, but it rarely happens that way for players chosen as high in the draft as Palmer or Throw.

Generally, teams that select this high don’t have the time or options to be patient. They can throw their rookie into the competition hoping to catch a lightning bolt in a pocket or, worst case scenario, show enough progress in the campaign to let fans – and the owner – know that things are going in the right direction. .

It’s why 15 of the last 16 quarterbacks selected in the Top-3 have started at least 10 games as rookies. But, as much as the idea of ​​sitting and waiting was foreign to Palmer, look back at your time behind Jon kitna on Cincinnati as critical to its development.

Palmer stayed glued to Kitna in everything he did, be it in the boardroom, the gym, the field, or the physical therapy room.

“I just followed Jon“, said Palmer. “I watched everything he did, I stayed on top of all the meetings as best I could, and I just hung around him as much as possible, and I literally followed him everywhere.”

Even for quarterbacks who immediately played as CarrHaving a veteran to lean on is only as much help as you are willing to take advantage of.

The 36th selection in the 2014 draft of the NFL, Carr started all 16 games as a rookie by then Oakland Raiders. When he arrived in Oakland, Carr made it clear that he should learn as much as he could from the veteran Matt schaub.

What Palmer with Kitna, Carr took detailed notes of everything he did Schaub, even until the exact time I arrived Schaub to the building every morning.

Carr He wanted to be seen but not heard, and he even went to great lengths to prove himself as a teammate, hoping that his hard work would leave a lasting impression on the organization.

“The thing I would say to any newbie, especially Trey, is simply, absorb it all, “he said Carr. “Whatever football has in store for you, you can’t control everything. I know it first hand. But what you can control is how prepared you are and how productive you can be. So, just be a good teammate. Be a blessing, not a burden to the team. In that role you are in now, you could easily become a burden, you could easily steal your attention. Jimmy and steal the team’s attention, but I would tell him to stick around as a blessing to the team. “

‘Ready for success’

Long before he became a quarterback of Hall of Fame with the 49ers; Young was a finalist for the Heisman in 1983 and was expected to be the first global recruit from the Bengals. Instead, Young He was No. 11 in the draft of the USFL to Los Angeles Express, and signed there instead of going to Cincinnati.

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers they selected Young with the first pick in the supplemental draft of the USFL and CFL in 1985, Young finally landed on the NFL. On Tampa, he joined a team that had a combined 8-24 record in the two seasons prior to his arrival.

With very little help around him, Young he left 3-16 as the starter of the Bucs.

That is not the case for Throw on San Francisco, where he is surrounded by a group of innovative coaches, a dynamic arsenal and an offensive line armed with five players selected in the first or second round.

Given the athletic ability of Throw, Young see something more like what he lived in San Francisco, where it eventually happened to Joe montana in 1991.

Trey he’s talented, smart, mature, “he said Young. “Those are big pieces of the puzzle. And it’s done for 2021. He’s my tribe. He’s a movable guy, the game gets closer to him. He didn’t come to me in my gamer days, but he’s here now. Like this. that, he is set for success. “

That does not mean that Young hope it will be easy for Throw, who barely played 17 games in North Dakota State, where it didn’t face too much high-level competition. There is still a lot to prove for Throw, although Young quickly points out that Shanahan and the general manager John lynch made their intentions very clear when completing the exchange to ascend to site No. 3 to take Throw.

“He just hasn’t been out there long,” he said. Young. “They selected him because they believe that he has all the elements to do it. He will have every opportunity because he has a great coach, a great system and a really solid football team around him.”

Waiting patiently

Throughout the first weeks of camp, Throw he has earned praise from peers and coaches for his performance on the field, but also his willingness to work. As reported by NBC Sports, 49ers track how much time players spend in their playbooks on iPads, and no one has beaten Throw.

Of course, that should be expected of a rookie quarterback. Of greater importance is how willing you have been Throw to do things like that guys like Palmer, Carr and Joe Theismann suggest that they are important in earning a spot at the level NFL.

Notably, remain patient, forging a friendship with Garoppolo, and understand how it should fit in, even when it comes to standing out.

“I feel so much better,” he said Throw. “Whenever you go through something and learn from it, and after you take some time and re-learn it on your own, and now going back to doing it again, and a third time, it helps a lot. And it helps a lot, the relationship with my colleagues that I have now, feeling more comfortable here and comfortable asking questions. “

From the moment the Niners they selected ThrowIt was always going to be a question of when, not if he was going to become the team’s starting quarterback. Could you sit behind Garoppolo for an entire campaign, participating only in a few plays by design? Sure, but the story – both quarterbacks previously drafted at the top of the draft, and the injuries of Garoppolo– suggest it is unlikely.

If it happens, however, the former Most valuable Player of the NFL, Theismann, thinks it would be beneficial for Throw stay close to Shanahan while commanding the plays and joining Palmer in his exclusive club.

“It served Patrick [Mahomes] very good, behind Alex [Smith] on Kansas city“, said Theismann. “As much as AR [Aaron Rodgers] don’t want to admit it, it served you a lot in Green bay. I think you will be able to see that observing what the other does will help you. “

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