Loose Balls: A Little More Class, Please, Lions

Loose Balls: A Little More Class, Please, Lions

In “Loose Balls of the Week,” we examine how the Lions turned a bad situation into its worst possible version, relative to one of their all-time players.

The first staff cuts arrived around the NFL, reducing teams this week their rosters from 90 to 85 players. In our column this week, we look at two of those cuts.

Speaking of special attention, the officers of the NFL They will do so with regard to very specific behavior during games, and this emphasis has already begun to show in preseason games.

Unfortunately, we are also in the time when teams begin to collapse, even before facing regular season games, due to injuries, and one of the New York teams is the first to suffer a truly serious loss so far this summer. for this reason.

A little more class please Detroit Lions

Go out and say to the four winds, “I’m a son of s —, it’s the best way to say things”, frankly does nothing at all to remedy a terrible lack of class from the head coach Dan campbell and the organization in general.

The Lions they cut a few days ago Don muhlbach, the long center in special teams. Sure, we are in the midst of staff cuts, and Muhlbach He is a 40-year-old player in a league where four decades can be considered four centuries.

The problem is that MuhlbachEven from a position with so little recognition, he was already a club legend, with the second-most contested seasons for one of the oldest franchises in the league, and his firing came on his birthday.

From a sporting point of view, there are a million reasons why Detroit I might want to move on without Muhlbach –who became a teammate of Campbell in the dressing room of the Lions– starting with the issue of money. The Lions they renewed Muhlbach with a one-season, $ 1.175 million deal last March, but now they seem satisfied at the position with Scott Daly and his $ 660,000 for the campaign.

But yes Detroit I was hoping to make this change, why not do it for a week or two? Or why not wait until the next cutout, when the templates drop from 85 to 80 items? Was it really essential to leave the player with the second highest number of years of service for the club unemployed on his birthday?

It’s never pleasant to put someone out of a job, but 17 years of service – most recently as one of the club’s captains – in a league that literally devours players, should be enough to earn you a slightly less unworthy send-off, no? Justly Calvin johnson – recently exalted to Hall of Fame– He reiterated recently that he is in no rush to seek out the club to repair a fractured relationship.

Wait, because there is still more.

As if the ‘detail’ of cutting to Muhlbach on that precise day, Campbell he made matters worse by noting at the time, “As weird as it sounds, that doesn’t mean he was outclassed[inthecompetitionfortheposition[enlacompetenciaporelpuestoDaly he’s here and he’s yet to compete for a position and he knows it, as does everyone else on this roster. “

In other words, do the Lions –under the command of the new head coach, Campbell– Will they face the 2021 season with a squad in which cuts do not depend on whether or not a player is outmatched in the competition for the position?

Good luck with that.

The first big injury of the summer arrived

Not all players are the same. There are holders and there are substitutes. There are players who command the attention of the rival coordinators, and there are those who determine the plays sent by their own coordinators. In light of this, not all injuries are the same, either.

The New York Jets they counted on that Carl Lawson He was one of those players who, by his ability, helped determine what the team could do on defense, in addition to influencing the blocking schemes of the opposing offensive lines. After suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon, Lawson must wait to debut for the Jets until 2022.

Lawson He signed just last offseason with the New York squad as the great free agency signing, agreeing for three years and 45 million dollars, after an outstanding stay with the Cincinnati Bengals where he quietly became their best outside quarterback hunter. After the tackle Quinnen williams and the safety Marcus maye, we projected him as the third most important defensive player for the Jets, even on the linebacker CJ Mosley.

Injuries are part of the game, unfortunately, and we come from a season in which it seems that the collection of big names who did not play or had their seasons cut due to injury was unusually large. After Lawson, more injuries will come, involving more teams. It is time to keep your fingers crossed so that this year’s account is not so onerous in this area.

As well remembered Jerry rice in his exclusive talk with Miguel Pasquel Thursday, citing the great Bill walshLuck also plays a role when it comes to injuries.

Adequate referee emphasis?

The NFL has made it clear that there will be a special emphasis on marking penalties for provocation to an opponent on the field of play. This is not a rule change, or introduction of a new rule, but rather paying attention to an existing rule.

After the preseason game between the Indianapolis Colts and Carolina panthers last Sunday, when Benny lemay from Indy He stood up visibly on fire after dragging multiple teammates and opponents around 8 yards, scoring a provocation penalty that we typically wouldn’t have seen in years past.

The preseason is for coaches and players as well as for officials, and it is the moment when the crews begin to put into practice what we will see throughout the campaign. In this case, I don’t love it.

I understand that it should be punished when a player crosses the line and falls into the unsportsmanlike thing, but provoking an opponent, getting under their skin with garbage talk or gestures, has always been – to some extent – part of the game. These are behaviors with which I typically don’t have a big problem, and I refer back to the past Super bowl, when they penalized the safety Antoine Winfield Jr. held in the face of Tyreek hill a pass defended with the same gesture with which Hill usually celebrates when running away from defensive backs, and that he applied to himself Winfield during the regular season. The league’s emphasis on enforcing this rule can be traced directly to this play, which occurred on the biggest stage of all.

To be honest, there are numerous aspects in the officialization of the game that need much more work than these punishments, starting with continuing to refine the subject of video review, the cases in which it should or not be applied, and defining whether or not a additional official on the field of play or in a box to keep control of a match.

Where has Josh Rosen failed?

It should come as no surprise that San Francisco 49ers they cut to Josh rosen in the week. After all, they are more than armed at the quarterback position with the veteran. Jimmy Garoppolo and the newbie Trey lance in the first two positions of the squad, and Rosen suffering problems in practice, according to the head coach himself Kyle shanahan.

What should surprise you is the downward spiral it has suffered Rosen, after being left out of his fourth team of NFL in three years in the league, after being chosen with the tenth overall turn of the Draft 2018.

I understand that Rosen came with questions of character to the NFL, and it’s OK. Surely, that part of his personality has played against him throughout the past three seasons. However, it is incredible that this did not play against him when the still general manager of the Arizona Cardinals, Steve Keim, who – in an unlikely way – has emerged without a trace of the implosion that it meant for his Cards invert such a high selection in Rosen, only to get rid of it a year later at a highly discounted price, via trade-in to the Miami dolphins.

Here, there is a huge question mark, with two sides as opposite as a coin.

  • How is it that a passer with as much natural talent as Rosen fails to stay in a template NFLNot even a third quarterback, after being chosen so high in the draft?

  • How is it that a passer without enough talent to stay on a squad of NFL With the minimum salary third in order, can he convince a league general manager to invest the 10th draft pick on him?

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