Madden NFL 2022 is here!

Madden NFL 2022 is here!

The Madden NFL 2022 game is now available for all football lovers and on ESPN Digital we present in detail everything about the new edition

I was able to try the new Madden NFL 2022 and I must say that my experience was very pleasant as it was the first time I tried a football video game.

The start of the game is dynamic, with virtually non-existent loading times (on Playstation 5) and begins with videos of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes as the stars of the cover, the menus are easy to understand and modify, as well as the difficulty options for new players.

The next thing is to play a preloaded exhibition or practice game in which you begin to interact with the video game by applying defensive and offensive strategies to once finish it, to be able to choose the different game modes in Madden NFL 2022.


Defined by the video game as “one of the most strategic game modes”, you can choose between being a player, coach or owner, making crucial decisions for the future of the team.


This should be your choice when you want to play a quick game, to have fun or warm up before another game mode, practice your skills or face another person in the online mode.

Ultimate team

Create your fantasy team and gather the best players wearing the same jersey while you win matches and get rewarded for it.

Face of the franchise

Start your adventure as a college football star and then become an NFL legend as a quarterback, catcher, or running back.

Superstar KO

Play under the house rules in a cooperative and competitive 5 minute mode where you can play solo, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3.

The Yard and Championship Series

In this new game mode you will be able to play 6 vs 6 with your friends and thus obtain unique rewards for your avatar in Madden.


The smooth graphics and ambient sound of the game on next-gen consoles are truly impressive and immersive.

Being the first time I played Madden, my expectation was high and the video game perfectly fulfilled it, giving me a fun and entertaining game, with a degree of difficulty commensurate with not getting bored with winning, or frustrated when losing.

Within the match, the preview animations are entertaining and realistic, as well as the celebrations and themes of each stadium and team.

Both the offensive and defensive plays are clear, although it will take several games to become better acquainted with the strategies that will work best for each moment of the game (For me, for example, it took me several games to kick the ball correctly).

The animations of the players are perfectly recreated to give that feeling of anger or frustration depending on the actions of the team during the game.

The music is adequate to set the scene for a well-made and easy-to-identify menu. This new installment from Madden is sure to meet the expectations of NFL fans and new players to the franchise.

Madden NFL 2022 Rating = 9.0

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