New York Mets and a losing culture that refuses to go away

New York Mets and a losing culture that refuses to go away

The Queens team is in the middle of chaos after its players directly criticized the fans and its president responded to the situation by turning against the players.

New York Mets ended the weekend mired in controversy due to statements given by Javier Baez on why the players were signaling (putting their thumbs down) to the crowd each time they reached the bases.

In short, “The magician”Indicated that as the players were receiving boos from the supporters of the team in Citi Field, home of the MetsWhen things were going badly, the players had decided to return the favor with the sign when things went well. Obviously, the answer was harshly criticized by fans and the team president, Sandy Alderson, issued a statement in which it indicated that said gestures, as well as the comments, were “unacceptable”And that they would not be tolerated by the squad.

As has happened on a number of occasions, we are at the point of the season where the results begin to generate frustrations for the teams and their fans. The Mets arrived in July as owners of the eastern division of the National League, they got to Javy baez Before the trade deadline, everything was going well for them until things got out of control, they fell to third place and out of the postseason, so now all the problems that the team presented for months come out, but they were covered for being leading the division.

The Mets are a team with a losing culture and this is not just referring to the record they currently have. You just have to remember that a little less than six years ago they were in a World Series. However, the set feels like a distant memory compared to other franchises of New York.

The former owners never bothered to change that perception of the Mets, that, regardless of the amount of talent, which has been high, they simply fail to look competitive, organized and mentally sound.

Steven Cohen has tried to find a way out of this, but finds that the members of the group behave (sometimes) as if they were not a professional baseball team, which now happens between Javy baez, the other players, the fans and the team offices, it shows.

Performance on the pitch is also poor despite having players like Francisco Lindor, Pete alonso, JD Davis, as well as launchers of the caliber of Jacob deGrom and Noah syndergaard (despite the fact that both are on the disabled list), it is proof that the team has great accumulated talent, but has not been able to take advantage of it.

The owner and the president criticize the players, the players do the same with the fans, while the manager says he doesn’t know anything, that’s how the Mets. That is not going to solve a postseason qualification or a ring of World Series. The losing mentality of the team has been its mark for years and apparently, in the “newMets it will continue to be.

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