Oswaldo Sánchez: “I wake up crying over Maxi Rodríguez’s goal”

Oswaldo Sánchez: "I wake up crying over Maxi Rodríguez's goal"

The score that Maxi Rodríguez made to eliminate Mexico in the 2006 World Cup left an indelible mark on Oswaldo Sánchez, who still regrets having received that goal

The exporter of Chivas and the Mexican National Team, Oswaldo Sanchez, revealed that sometimes he wakes up crying over the goal scored by the Argentine Maxi Rodríguez in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

In the program ‘Saga Live‘led by journalist Adela Micha, Sánchez recalled the match against La Albiceleste played on June 24, 2006 in Leipzig and stressed that he still feels pain for the beautiful score that Rodríguez scored in overtime. and that meant the goodbye of the Tri of the World Cup.

Yes, it still hurts, suddenly I dream and I wake up crying because I remember that image because it could be something transcendent“, he expressed.

For the goalkeeper it is very difficult to react and when you do not see the ball come out from the moment it is kicked it is more difficult and that happened, Gonzalo got in the trajectory and the ball and Maxi Rodríguez’s shot I lost that thousandth of a second and I see it until that goes through Gonzalo’s side and I can no longer take that step that would have given me the possibility of taking that ball. It was the best goal of the World Cup, they eliminated us, but I had taken more difficult balls than that, “he added.

Oswaldo’s statements were highlighted by the newspaper Ole de Argentina and Maxi Rodríguez reacted to the publication on Twitter made by the medium about the words of the former Aztec cancerbero.

On the other hand, Oswaldo Sánchez said he was not sorry for having turned down the opportunity to play in Europe and became the first Mexican goalkeeper to do so.

I had the possibility of going to Europe and the three proposals that I had the truth were not so important teams, point two I was at a very mature moment in my football life and in my personal life and I had four children, I had to see for their future ”, he declared.

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