Scaloni: “It is clear that now is a new challenge, all teams will want to beat the champion”

Scaloni: "It is clear that now is a new challenge, all teams will want to beat the champion"

Lionel Scaloni, DT of the Argentine National Team, gave his usual press conference in the preview of the match against Venezuela for the South American Qualifiers, where he spoke about Lionel Messi, the conflict with the Premier League teams and the return of the public for the match before Bolivia in the Monumental.

The best phrases left by the Albiceleste coach:

– “I don’t have the equipmentYesterday we just did the first training session and it is not defined. Logically, not much will change from the last game, from the Cup final. We are going to take into account the yellow ones to define it as well. “

“On a physical level, the players are whole, but several have minutes to go”.

– “We gave the list and there was a lot of talk that they were not going to give in to the players. I want to emphasize a lot the predisposition of our players to want to be in the National Team and that is a plus, it is a step forward “.

“If Messi is in physical condition, he will play. From what I spoke with him, he is fine. Messi will play and hopefully he will play all three games.”.

– “We have Nahuel (Molina), Juan (Foyth) and Gonzalo (Montiel) on the right side. We know that Gonzalo is a suitable player who can play even without having minutes, we will put the one who is better“.

“The players are there to play all three games, there is no doubt about that”.

– “Since I have been part of the National Team, I have always seen the same predisposition. We have always seen and lived it, it will be a tough challenge to qualify for the World Cup“.

– “It is clear that now it is a new challenge, all the teams will want to beat the champion. This continues, we have to add and make a good tie. The difficulty will always be the same, maximum against all rivals. We can’t think it’s done, that would be a mistake and the players know it“.

“We know that Leo (Messi) is in a very good club and will fight for the maximum in Euripa, it is important that he is surrounded by Argentines”.

“I see the group well, confident, wanting to play. The result of the Cup makes training secondary, we already know how we are going to play but we know that the game against Venezuela has a maximum difficulty”.

“It was very nice to be able to give joy to the people who loved and needed it for a long time. Unfortunately, it was not possible to celebrate as one wanted, but let’s hope that in the game with Bolivia there will be an audience and they can see their idols”.

– “We always have things to improve and it is clear. There are times when we know we have to keep our guard up.”

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