Sebastián Battaglia’s ideal team for Boca Juniors

Sebastián Battaglia's ideal team for Boca Juniors

Sebastián Battaglia is about to reach his fourth game as Boca Juniors coach and on ESPN Fútbol 12 they anticipated the ideal team for the historic midfielder with the players he has.

On Saturday, the Xeneize will visit Rosario Central and the XI that will start would be quite similar to that formation that Battaglia seeks to consolidate.

Augusto César was line by line, confirming Agustín Rossi in the goal, and the current starting defense. And the first surprise appears in the defense, where the ex-DT of the Reserve prefers Marcelo Weigandt over Luis Advíncula, the experienced and international Peruvian full-back for whom the Football Council had to negotiate at length in order to achieve it.

To the left, It is already known that Agustín Sandez is the favorite over Frank Fabra, that he has been losing ground due to his physical problems, but also because he performs much better in attack, and sometimes fails to defend. Valentín Barco, another acquaintance of the Reserve by the DT would be the second option for that position.

In the midfield, for Battaglia there are no doubts: Juan Ramírez is the owner of the right side, even, according to Augusto César, it would have been the only reinforcement of the last transfer market, if the DT had already been in charge.

And the line would be completed by Agustín Almendra, who is a “weakness” of the coach as “eight”, along with Alan Varela, “the diamond to be polished”, according to the chronicler of the Mariano Closs show. As a hitch, the youthful Aaron Molinas.

And the forward, the nine from the area is Luis Vázquez, although he would give Nicolás Orsini a chance when he is at 100 percent physically, together with Norberto Briasco, but fighting for the position with Exequiel Zeballos. There would be no place for Cristian Pavón.

Battaglia projects a long-term cycle, with boys as protagonists, assured Augusto César.

In this way, the Boca de Battaglia would be: Agustín Rossi; Marcelo Weigandt, Carlos Izquierdoz, Marcos Rojo, Agustín Sandez; Agustín Almendra, Alan Varela, Juan Ramírez, Aaron Molinas; Luis Vázquez, Norberto Briasco.

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