The advice of the ‘Terrible’ Morales to Brandon Moreno: Defending the championship is very difficult

The advice of the 'Terrible' Morales to Brandon Moreno: Defending the championship is very difficult

Brandon Moreno has been a mixed martial arts professional for about a decade, but it was only in June of this year that his life changed forever.

Having the UFC flyweight belt has him in the spotlight. He is the first fighter born in Mexico to win a championship and as a result of that the attention of the media, followers and even the authorities who want to appear in the photo multiplied.

In his most recent visit to Mexico City, where President Andrés Manuel López Obrador received him at the National Palace, Moreno had the opportunity to meet one of his idols, his countryman Érik ‘Terrible’ Morales, and did not miss the opportunity .

Moreno had many questions for a Tijuana legend who has already lived through all that experience. Of stardom, success and also everything that comes with the end of a career.

“Nobody teaches us how to behave in success. I recommend you, now that you are the world champion, you already have the respect of the people and the fighters. But now everyone wants to rip your head off, you can be very good at all arts, but don’t trust yourself, because it comes harder than at the beginning. Defending is very difficult because everyone is hungry, that desire, it is something very internal, it is a very determining factor, you always have to get to the top ”, explained the ‘Terrible’ to the 125-pound king of the UFC.

Moreno has already gone through all the stages in the Octagon. He arrived with three victories in the UFC that made him the great prospect in his category, but then he lost in his first star, at the Arena Ciudad de México, and almost a year later he would be cut from the promotion after losing to the Brazilian Alexandre Pantoja in Chili.

Moreno’s return to the UFC was emotional. Since he was given a new opportunity, in September 2019, he has fought six times without knowing defeat (4-0-2).

“Now, fuck him, don’t go out with that chuchita they bagged her, because people are hallucinating that you are the chief of bosses there. We want a champion for a while, ”added the member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Morales explained that, despite the fact that he saw his last fight when he dethroned the Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredo, it is difficult for him to follow MMA, because he feels claustrophobic with the keys and strangulations typical of jiu-jitsu, to which Moreno responds with a laugh: “ When you shot yourself with Barrera, I didn’t see claustrophobia ”.

The talk continued on the topic of his career. Brandon is 27 years old and feels physically full, but he knows that it will not always be like that, that the decline of his body will come one day and Erik shared his experience.

“You have to start supplying things, boxing is about speed or technique. When I was young I stopped the blow and answered right there, when I reached 30 I couldn’t. So what I did was anticipate, I reviewed the video and studied, if the opponent threw jab-jab-straight, he saw the double jab and he got ahead of the straight, but the magic doesn’t always come out. “

The Entram Gym fighter, ranked number one by ESPN at 125 pounds, said he was well supported for the future. “There is a long way to go, but I am well focused. So far I feel that I have done well, I have everything to achieve it, I have to continue with the hard work, surround myself with the right people and continue doing what I am doing and everything is going to be excellent ”.

Morales then spoke to him about the coaching side that he now lives with, with his great prospect, middleweight Jaime Munguía, who has helped him appreciate the things that he could not when he had to concentrate to fight.

“The net is very exciting, we never value how many people see us, what emotions they have and it infects you, it becomes very beautiful. Jaime is a good nose, he’s a good boxer, he trains very hard, he really wants to, and I’m sure he’s going to be a good boxer, ”Morales added.

After exchanging praise and autographs on a pair of gloves. The “Terrible” took the opportunity to remind him not to get carried away by all the noise that accompanies him today.

“Did you see Andy Ruiz? He forgot, everything is very nice, the emotion, the champion, the cameras and everything. That will disappear if you lose and if you don’t put the batteries in and do what you have to do, “he said.

Although they both grew up in Tijuana and Brandon came to train boxing at Morales’s Zona Norte gym, they did not coincide. Years later, Brandon got great advice and Erik was pleasantly surprised to see the connection he has with the mixed martial arts champion.

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