‘The best of both worlds’ will be key in the final part of the Rays season

'The best of both worlds' will be key in the final part of the Rays season

Rookie sensation Wander Franco and quality veteran Nelson Cruz will be key to Tampa Bay maintaining its big moment ahead of the end of the regular season.

The Tampa Bay Rays they are still racked with 8 consecutive victories and winning 12 of the last 13 games and also the opening of the series against the Boston Red Sox began as they expected to consolidate their position as leaders of the Eastern Division.

Despite the Yankees’ recent 13-game win streak and disappointing second half by the Red Sox, Tampa is the team to watch in the Eastern Division.

And to maintain that relevance, two Dominicans at opposite moments in their careers will be key for the Rays: Wander franco who had a slow start in the Major Leagues but is already showing his great talent and Nelson Cruz, a veteran of a thousand battles who hopes to guide his season with the new team he arrived at via trade.

Franco appears to be everything that was expected of him with a prodigious bat and a defense capable of keeping him in position for many years as an elite.

The streak continues for Wander with 30 consecutive games on base, which according to ESB in the last 60 years only two shortstops in his rookie season have had a similar streak: Hanley Ramírez with 36 games in 2006 and Nomar Garciaparra in 1997 with 30.

On the other side we have a 17-season veteran in the figure of Nelson Cruz, who has not had a stretch as expected due to the low offensive production and a short-lived placement on the Covid-19 list, he remains one of the figures of greater presence and leadership where the majority of the roster does not exceed 30 years of age.

Although he has 7 home runs and 21 RBIs in 28 games, Cruz is only hitting .204 with 37 strikeouts and only 8 walks. negotiated, but knowing the quality of the Dominican will be key for the final part of the season and the playoffs.

With a 7-game lead to date over the New York Yankees and 9 over the Boston Red Sox, which can be extended if they win the current series, the Rays are in an excellent position to finish the regular season excellently, thanks to the best of one era, with all that Nelson can contribute and the brilliant beginning of another, in the figure of Wander, a star that begins to shine with its own light.

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