The Ultimate Fighter: Bantamweight Final List

The Ultimate Fighter: Bantamweight Final List

If The Ultimate Fighter season 20 had a villain, that would be Brian Ortega. The joke of removing the tires from Alexander Volkanovski’s car and sending him back to his hotel on a donkey was not enough. It raised the level of his antics.

Ortega arrived early at the UFC Apex and brought with him two huge snakes of more than 10 meters, along with his team and coaches hid to see the reaction of the members of the Volkanovski team.

Semifinalist Brady Hiestand was in charge of opening the door and the first to go blank, minutes later Volkaovski arrived, who thought they were false, but then he saw her move and began with nervous laughter.

It turned out to be a funny anecdote in the end, but one that could have scared anyone.

Like Michael Chiesa, this time Alexander’s had the motivational visit of veteran Donald Cerrone, who has a wide variety of tools to contribute and has always received many young fighters at his ranch, including the semi-finalist Gilbert Urbina, who has visited and they remembered those days.

The preparation for the semifinal rooster begins. Vince Murdock’s perseverance becomes the topic of conversation, because although he already had a contract to fight with the UFC, he received the news that he required brain surgery and could not fight.
Years later, he knocked on the promoter’s door via the reality show.

It was time for the challenge of the coaches. They will clash in the Octagon at UFC 266, but a 21-point cornhole duel would be the first round of the rivalry.

Brian arrived with the confidence of years playing, but the first points were slow to arrive before the despair of Dana White who offered $ 10,000 to the winner and 1,500 to each of the team members.

As in fights, Brian started sweeping, this time 6-0, but Volk managed to tie it, but there the Mexican-American got the experience and finished with a score of 21-11.

In the middle of the celebration, Ortega donated his prize to the members of Volkanovski’s team, so that everyone left with something, although he had to ask for an extra $ 2,000 from White to complete.

He won the rival fighters, but the battle is fought inside the cage.

Hiedstand works with his counterattack and take advantage of the reach advantage, but he knows that the advantage is in the floor game.

Vince and Brady also had their family calls to recharge before the lawsuit, the first spoke with his pregnant wife, whom he married days before his surgery. While his opponent spoke with his mother and brother, who showed his excitement to know that he is close to winning, but above all knowing that he can coach daily with the legend of jiujitsu Craig Jones, coach of the Volkanovski team.

Once inside the octagon the fight would be short, Vince threatened with his hands until Brady took him by the waist and worked the takedown, put him against the cage and then with his back on the canvas, there he knew he had all his opportunities and the took advantage.

He worked the 100-kilo position and punished the head with fists and elbows. For more than two minutes he was in control until Mike Beltran intervened to stop the fight.

Third finalist of the team of the Australian and Brady Hiestand will now face his teammate Ricky Turcios for the bantamweight title of The Ultimate Fighter 29.

Murdock had a hard time, as a knee injury during the fight prevented him from standing up and emotions overcame him after he was eliminated.

Now there is only one place left to dispute, Tresean Gore wants to be Ortega’s only finalist when facing Gilbert Urbina. The season is about to end.

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