Alejandro ‘Gallito’ Flores, opening doors in PFL as the first Mexican-born to fight with the promoter

Alejandro 'Gallito' Flores, opening doors in PFL as the first Mexican-born to fight with the promoter

The PFL door opens for Mexican fighters and the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Alejandro ‘Gallito’ Flores will make history with his debut in the promoter that began with its current format in the 2018 season.

Flores (19-3) will be the first Mexican-born fighter to fight with the PFL this Friday (preliminaries 6:30 pm ET, main 10 pm ET, ESPN +, ESPN3) when he faces American Carl Deaton (13-4-1) also looking for a place in the next featherweight tournament.

The PFL is expected to increase its number of events in 2022 and increase its number of fighters in the squad, but in the case of Mexican Flores, who had a 9-1 record in Combate Americas and who already competed in 2020 at the Dana White’s Contender Series, seems to have the talent to have his place assured in a promotion of this level.

“I am always happy to have a job, and even more so now that it is one of the largest companies in the world. World-class competition, being the first Mexican maybe being here is a good thing at the same time and happy to be close to fighting, “Flores said in an interview with ESPN Deportes.

The camp for this opportunity was not easy for the Valle Flow Striking fighter, as he became a dad a few weeks ago, although in the end it becomes one of the reasons to put on a good display.

“It is one more motivation, an extra in the head and in the heart, to go with all the will and try to always do the best I can. Whether in Chicago or Monterrey, I always look for the team to be elite, I try to have the right people on my team in all areas. I know where it comes from [mi rival], I studied him, he is a good opponent and a motivation like that of a son is different and it will show, ”explained the fighter who comes from two consecutive victories, after losing in his attempt to enter the UFC.

Flores knows that now is the time to take advantage: “We signed this fight and it is like a search for talent for next year’s tournament, I have to be watching them because maybe I will run into them very soon. It is something we always dream of, competing at a global level and I want to take advantage of it ”.

Flores closed his training plan in Chicago, after almost 10 months in Monterrey, but he is already used to working with coach Mike Valle and his star colleagues, such as Belal Muhammad, Ignacio Bahamondes, Horacio Gutiérrez or the contender for the UFC bantamweight title. , Julianna Peña.

“The level in the United States is higher than elsewhere. Fortunately I have done my camps in Chicago all focused on wrestling and grappling. You know that here in Mexico we have very good boxing and the only thing is to connect it. Many people approach Coach Mike for his attractive style for MMA. Now the team is very complete, they fight every day, MMA every day. In Chicago I am one hundred percent, I have to spar with Belal, with Nacho, and that makes you raise your level, “he added.

In Chicago, Flores shares training with fighters from the CFT, the gym of coach Roberto Ramírez, who already had a PFL champion in Louis Taylor and is an example for Alejandro on his arrival on the platform.

“I was watching Louis fights two years ago, from being the least favorite, he went on to be champion and take a million dollars. Speaking of a dream, you are talking about competition, a good bag, a championship, it is something we all dream of. We are climbing, wanting to get to play our role, the opponent is tough, but we are going to do things well and if they give us the opportunity to be in the tournament, take advantage of it. The difference is that here they give you time to prepare between fights and study your opponent. The thing about Louis was something incredible, Horacio Gutiérrez told me about it, who trains with him a lot more. In fact, Horacio motivated me to do this and sign with them ”, explained the Monterrey native, who participated in the Combat Cup, where he suffered his only defeat under that company in a one-night tournament.

For Alejandro, PFL has become a place where MMA consecrated men such as Anthony Pettis, Rory MacDonald or Fabricio Werdum and the stars that have formed there such as Emiliano Sordi, Lance Palmer, Ray Cooper III and the star Kayla Harrison converge.

“They are legends of the sport, who run into hungry young people, and I think that is my case. I like to do things little by little, but I want to go through everything. If some doors don’t open, then you knock down the others to open more options ”, he concluded

Flowers vs. Deaton is part of the final PFL semi-final performance this Friday. After her debut, the peeler from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Abigail ‘Abby’ Montes will also have the opportunity against Claressa Shields on October 27.

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