“In boxing there is no place for cheats”: Caleb Plant accuses Canelo and Eddy Reynoso of doping and cheating

En el boxeo no hay lugar para tramposos: Caleb Plant acusa a Canelo y Eddy Reynoso de dopaje y trampa

Caleb Plant accused Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Eddy reynoso cheating and doping, after one of the members of the Canelo Team, Oscar Valdez tested positive in an anti-doping test.

The super middleweight world champion FIB, who has an agreed fight against him Canelo In November, he published a series of harsh tweets against the Mexican fighter and his coach.

It was about a tweet from Devin Haney that Caleb Plant he quoted the comment and began his criticism.

“Without doping there is no coach of the year,” he tweeted Devin Haney Thursday morning in a tense exchange that he held with Eddy reynoso.

Plant decided to comment on the issue Thursday night. And he addressed the doping case in which the Canelo in 2018, when he tested positive for clenbuterol and argued that it was because he had eaten contaminated meat in Mexico.

“No, Eddy reynoso and the Canelo they deserve the PU ** of the year, ”he tweeted Plant. “They are all suspects. Everything in that camp is intentional. They have the knowledge, the experience to know, and they have the resources to have the best of the best in whatever they want, tacos or meat ”.

There were nine tweets that Caleb Plant addressed the issue of doping in the Canelo Team:

At this level, no one puts anything on my body without my approving it, or the first approval. VADA (which is the strictest control company). And with everything at stake, why would I let someone else play with my name?

So, after all, a fighter works and sacrifices himself, simply to let someone else tell him to have something, and to take it without worrying that you are throwing away everything you’ve got?

Because at the end of the day, has anyone mentioned the name of whoever gave you the “herbal tea”? No! The only name that has come out is the one who took it. So why let someone else put you in that position?

If you really start asking yourself those questions and you really start to tear this apart, ask by question, does it make sense? No. There is no place for cheats in this sport.

Are you telling me that you’ve made over $ 100 million and you live in San Diego, but you ate tacos or meat at any taquería in Mexico, and that made your (clenbuterol) levels so high?

I said what I said and I hold it. So, the shit who doesn’t like it. People in boxing know what is happening, but those who do not speak is because they also cheat like them.

It seems inappropriate to talk about these things in boxing, but I don’t give a damn. There’s a whole world when it comes to banned substances that people in boxing don’t want to talk about, but I don’t care. There is no place for that.

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