Less wait time for rookie quarterbacks in current NFL

Less wait time for rookie quarterbacks in current NFL

The years when a first-round passer could wait three years on the bench before playing, like Aaron Rodgers, are long gone in the new league landscape.

SANTA CLARA – Trevor lawrence and Zach Wilson, the first two players selected in the Draft 2021, get ready to go immediately into action, as NFL starting quarterbacks, from the first week of his rookie campaign.

AND Mac Jones will join them after stripping Cam Newton of the position with the New England Patriots. Thus, the last draft generation would be only the second since the merger with at least three starting quarterbacks in Week 1.

The debut schedule for the other two quarterbacks drafted in the most recent first round of the draft is a bit more uncertain. But if the historical background is a parameter, Trey lance and Justin fields they wouldn’t have to wait too long to get their headline shot.

The time when Aaron Rodgers spent three years in banking as an apprentice to Brett Favre. Carson palmer spent his entire rookie season off the field for the Cincinnati Bengals, where Jon kitna was the undisputed headline.

Some attribute the success that Patrick Mahomes has had with Kansas city chiefs, to the fact that he spent most of his rookie season on the bench as a backup to Alex Smith. But now it’s more common for rookies to be thrown into the ring earlier.

The difference between professional and collegiate attack would have been reduced, and teams are trying to take advantage of having a starting quarterback who has a cheaper contract as a rookie.

Since the lead up to the 2011 season, when the rookie salary ladder was implemented, 30 of 32 quarterbacks drafted in the first round – that is, all but Jake locker and Jordan love– They played at least one game at the start in their first campaign.

Twelve of those quarterbacks started in the opening game. Two-thirds (21 of 32) got their chance in the first four games of the season.

The 2021 class would be the second to have at least three rookie starting quarterbacks in Week 1. Jones is ready to play from the beginning the opening match against the Miami dolphins, after an impressive preseason.

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Russell wilson they were part of the class of 2012, which featured those five starting rookies. Less than a decade later, only Wilson and Tannehill they still are.

AND Wilson is the only one still with the team that recruited him, the Seattle Seahawks.

The Patriots they discharged on Tuesday Newton. They paved the way for Jones to be the starter.

Jones he was the last of the quarterbacks drafted in the first round, as the 15th pick. But he may be the one most ready to appear, after a last stellar season in Alabama.

“I’ll be ready when my time comes,” he promised Jones on Sunday, after a victory over the New York Giants. “We have work to do and we’ll figure things out. Then we’ll just move on.”

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