Puello Herrera: “The Caribbean Series must be played in January”

Puello Herrera: "The Caribbean Series must be played in January"

The Commissioner of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean was enthusiastic when indicating that the Caribbean contest will be a historic event that will mark a new stage for Latin American baseball

The Caribbean Series Santo Domingo 2022 marks the eleventh time that the most important event in Latin American baseball will be held in the Dominican Republic (tenth in the city of Santo Domingo) and the first time since 2016 that the Caribbean country will host it.

Juan Puello Herrera placeholder image, Caribbean Professional Baseball Commissioner, he spoke with ESPN Digital at the end of the aforementioned event, pointing out the importance of the work being done for the Caribbean Series and why, in his opinion, a change to the calendar is necessary for the tournament to be held in January.

“The main reason (to anticipate the date of the Caribbean Series) is that when you get to February, you are already in another baseball, which is Major League Baseball. We also have a problem with the Super Bowl that was our competition for many years and that we had that event close to us and did not allow us to sell television to the United States, which we have already sold for many years, at the corresponding values sell a Caribbean Series ”.

This is in line with the words he spoke at the time of his speech at the launch event, when he pointed out that for the Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball (CBPC) it was a success that the tournament started on January 28 next year, but it should start much earlier.

In the same way, Puello Herrera referred to the organizing committee of the Caribbean Series, noting that both the Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (LIDOM) as the CBPC, the Mayor’s Office of the National District and the Ministry of Sports (MIDEREC) have come together with the intention of creating a committee that returns the Caribbean Series to the “glories of yesteryear”, such as a ball party, an event for the sports fans.

Finally, the Commissioner told ESPN that he understands that, for January, at least until now, he thinks they have 50 percent of the capacity of the Quisqueya Juan Marichal stadium insured for the Caribbean Series.

“I think that, as I said before, we have 50 percent of the capacity assured, but I hope that by January and with the government insisting on vaccination, that we can open the doors of the Quisqueya Stadium wide so that all fans, “he concluded.

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