QB Trey Lance Suffers Toe Condition; 49ers hope to have him back in a week

QB Trey Lance Suffers Toe Condition;  49ers hope to have him back in a week

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The San Francisco 49ers are expecting rookie quarterback Trey Lance to be out of action for a week with a “small splinter” in a finger on his right hand, coach Kyke Shanahan reported.

The head coach revealed that what Lance initially believed was a bruised finger turned out to be somewhat more complicated after undergoing tests Monday morning.

Lance suffered the injury with 15 seconds left in the first half of Sunday’s preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders. On the play, the passer threw an incomplete send to the right bench, but the right hand hit the helmet of Raiders linebacker Max Richardson.

Shanahan did not specify which finger had the “splinter,” but after the action, Lance was seen holding his index finger.

“It didn’t bother him too much, because he thought it was only twisted with the helmet and then when we looked at all the images of the finger, we saw that it is a micro splinter of a bone that slipped out,” Shanahan explained. “It is a small microfracture, which is worse than just a sprain.

“(Lance) can’t take the centers and do everything he has to do, so we have to give him a seven-day break, that should help him heal, and hopefully he’ll be fine next Monday we train,” he added.

Lance stayed in the game until the first offensive drive of the third quarter and then gave the reins of the attack to third-team quarterback Nate Sudfeld. After the game, Lance said he wasn’t sure which play he got hurt on, but said he wasn’t worried it was serious.

“I think I hit him on a helmet or something, but I’m not worried,” Lance said after the game against the Raiders. “We’ll see how he feels tomorrow (Monday), but I’m not too worried.”

Lance is on an interesting stage at the 49ers quarterback position with starter Jimmy Garoppolo. Shanahan used both of them in combination against the Raiders in what could be a glimpse of how the pins will be used when the regular season begins.

In his three preseason games, Lance completed 19 of 41 passes for 276 yards with three touchdowns, a touchdown on the ground and an interception.

If Lance can get back to training next Monday, he won’t have missed many practices. With no four preseason games, the 49ers’ next scheduled game is Week 1, when they face the Detroit Lions on September 12.

The 49ers will train on Wednesday and Thursday and then have the weekend off before returning to work on Monday to begin their preparation for the game against Detroit.

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