Ricky Turcios and Liudvik Sholinian star in the best fight of the season

Ricky Turcios and Liudvik Sholinian star in the best fight of the season

Ricky Turcios is in charge of welcoming us to the episode: “This is what we know how to do, it is the art of war.”

With four fighters from each team in the semifinals, the Salvadoran and Filipino fighter will represent Alexander Volkanovski’s against Liudvik Sholinian from Brian Ortega’s team at the first of 135 pounds.

The Australian’s criticism seems true, the Mexican American’s coaches are late for practice. It’s time for revenge, after the donkey joke, Volkanovski filled a room with clocks and a sign that read “Hora Ortega, better late than never.”

The joke does not seem to affect Brian, who has his mind on his championship fight for the month of September and shows that he is winning the mental fight.

Both fighters have a lot of experience and an unpredictable style, for the coaches the fight is dangerous, but very interesting. The two look recovered from their first-round fights and aggressive in training.

They are full of confidence and full of energy, as in reward for their performance in the quarterfinals, Dana White allows them to make a call home after weeks of isolation during filming.

After his father reminded him of the importance of the mental factor, it was time to climb into the cage again.

Intense pace from the start, he fights primarily on his feet for the first few minutes with Sholinian reaching for the head with high kicks. Turcios advances with the jab and closes the distance to put him against the cage without being able to take him to the canvas.

Referee Mike Beltran warns them more than once, they came close to contacting accidentally. The takedown defense kept Liudvik from getting on the canvas, but Turcios closed very hard, connected with both hands and was able to finish with a few more seconds left on the clock.

He couldn’t take more risks, Sholinian is now the one taking the opponent to the ground. He takes the dominant position and begins to work, although Turcios punishes from below and threatens with a guillotine.

They were intense minutes, despite the fact that the Volkanovski team member could not stand up, the brawl on the ground was exhausting.

Cards tied and we had a third round.

Turcios established the attack to the body with hooks there, up with elbows and Sholinian showed great resistance, invited him to continue exchanging and that was until the end. The two dropping bombs in their attempt to finish.

Probably the best fight of the season and Turcios celebrated his move to the final.

All proud of the war, but the disappointment of losing was evident in Liudvik, who will surely have a bright future ahead of him.

Volkanovski will be represented in the first middleweight semifinal by Bryan Battle against Andrei Petroski.

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