The best phrases from Juan Román Riquelme’s interview in FOOTBALL 90

The best phrases from Juan Román Riquelme's interview in FOOTBALL 90

Juan roman riquelme, vice president of Boca Juniors, chat right now exclusively with FOOTBALL 90.

Here are the best phrases from Román on # ESPNF90:

The departure of Miguel Ángel Russo
“I’m enjoying it a lot, we’ve been at the club for a year and a half. I’m much happier than I imagined, taking great care of my club. We went to look for Miguel (Russo) convinced when we won the elections, he really enjoyed being and we to have it. It has helped us a lot, it gave us joy and the results were excellent. “

“We have to make decisions and we believe that this is the ideal moment for Sebastián (Battaglia) to take the team.”

“We made decisions with great calm, tranquility, security. Miguel’s departure was a normal decision.”

“I love Miguel very much and he loves me.”

The start of the Battaglia era
“Battaglia is the dream of all the children who come to our club. And for us it is nice to see him there. It is part of the history of our club. He fulfilled all his dreams as a footballer and now he trained as a coach. He spent a year and a half running the Reserve and he has done very well. “

“We see him well. He is a calm person, he manages a line. When he is happy, you do not realize it. And when he is sad, neither.”

“We are very happy with the coach we chose.”

Elimination in CONMEBOL Libertadores
“We were convinced that we were going to beat Atlético Mineiro and that happened. It was a final for the players who just arrived. It was complicated, with all that Libertadores means for our club.”

“The team played wonders and they didn’t kick us into goal.”

“It hurts to see the Copa Libertadores and not be playing. We should be there.”

The reinforcements and the current situation of the establishment
“So much has happened in these 60 days that it seems like a year has passed. They won the three finals they played: the two in the Libertadores and in the Argentine Cup. We just have to thank these guys.”

“You have to give the boys time. It’s not easy to put on your shirt and make a difference so quickly. The (Juan) Ramírez thing is a unique case.”

“Every time we are having a more competitive squad.”

The bet on the Inferiors
“For a year I had to put up with being told that there were people who worked at the club because they were friends of mine. All the coaches were against Banfield and they were more nervous than the players.”

“The boys’ game against Banfield was wonderful and I was very happy. It was an unforgettable day.”

“The work that the boys are doing in Lower is wonderful.”

Sebastián Villa’s situation
“He is going through the days of isolation and when he finishes he has to report to training. It will probably be Monday.”

“He has a contract with our club and he has to respect it. Things are normal.”

“If Villa wants to play in Boca? You have to ask him.”

“We took a club with debt. I take care of my club more than my family. We are not going to melt it. We are a serious club and we fulfill all the obligations. We hope that Villa fulfills his obligations.”

“Did you hear someone from the club say that Villa is for sale? Offers can come in for everyone …”

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