Wade and Khaybulaev pens; light heavyweights Carlos Jr. and Hamlet secure PFL championship spots

Wade and Khaybulaev pens;  light heavyweights Carlos Jr. and Hamlet secure PFL championship spots

Movlid Khaybulaev and Chris Wade will have a fighting style challenge in the featherweight final after defeating Englishman Brendan Loughnane and American Bubba Jenkins, respectively.

Additionally, Brazilian Antonio Carlos Jr. ended Emiliano Sordi’s reign at 205 pounds.

The PFL semi-finals were completed in 2021 and Russia’s Khaybulaev edged out Loughnane by split decision, although he actually dominated the majority of the bout.

Brendan hit his best punches in the first round, but couldn’t avoid takedowns the entire match. At the end of that first, there was a loud whipping against the canvas that seemed to hurt him, but after the minute of rest he returned.

Khaybulaev continued the pressure and the Dagestani style of sambo, which does not allow much to be done beyond hurting from below, great effort from Loughnane, but insufficient to advance to the championship.

Wade also had a dominant fight, with a lot of control time and a great exhibition of freestyle wrestling against Bubba Jenkins, who wanted to surprise with a flying knee early in the fight, but failed and his best moments came on defense or trying to get out of awkward positions.

Sambo vs. collegiate fight to define the winner at 145 pounds.


At light heavyweight there was a war between Brazilian Antonio Carlos Jr. Cara de Sapato and Argentine Emiliano Sordi.

The first part of the fight was spent standing up with Sordi’s powerful right hands doing damage and, in his style, he worked to finish the fight. However, Antonio Carlos Jr.’s experience would be key to handling the fight in the long run.

Emiliano lost concentration with an accidental eye sting that was bothering him during the first and second episodes.

In the second, Cara de Sapato managed to get him into a guillotine attempt that seemed tight, but the intensity of the first minutes wore them both down and there was so much sweat that Emiliano managed to get out.

But for the third the Brazilian would not take more risks, the right hand of the albiceleste had already cut him and began to exploit his greatest virtue. He was constant in takedown attempts, he kept Sordi in check and although he failed to take his back to threaten a submission, the control time would be enough to eliminate the champion.

Sapato face now goes for the million dollars against the Norwegian Marthin Hamlet, who had a strange victory, just 13 seconds into the fight. Well, his rival, the veteran Cezar ‘Mutante’ Ferreira threw a potato and suffered a muscle injury that sent him to the canvas and the referee had to stop the fight before the punishment on the ground.

The PFL finals will define the champions on October 27 at the same headquarters in Hollywood, Florida on the night of the six million dollars, one for the winner of each category.

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