Buccaneers and Chiefs top Super Bowl contenders list

Buccaneers and Chiefs top Super Bowl contenders list

The defending champions and Patrick Mahomes’ team enter the season as the favorites to win the title

The first week of a season can be cruel. Especially for those teams that believe that by starting all from the same point they will also arrive at the same place. Nothing further from reality.

The NFL It is a league that does not forgive shortcomings, injuries or bad decisions, it is relentless and charges dearly for any mistake. It is also a league that rewards well-planned processes, preparation, and execution.

At the end of the day it all comes down to two words: Contenders and suitors.

The contenders They are a group of, maybe 10 teams, with real aspirations of reaching the Super Bowl and, finally, add a Lombardi Trophy to their showcases.

The suitors They are, well, everyone else. Some with different expectations and who are aware that their success is defined in progress and not in the playoffs. Others will be hit harder by reality.


The list obviously begins with the defending champion. When you have to Tom brady in the controls it cannot be otherwise. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to the new campaign in a unique position by counting back with the 22 headlines they gave to the Bucs the second Super bowl of its history. If it worked one time, it doesn’t have to work a second time.

It is difficult to repeat as champion, but Brady the way is known. No one has done it since Brady he led the New England Patriots to back-to-back titles in 2003 and 2004.

“We have to create our own future, and that is a matter of attitude, commitment and preparation,” he said. Brady. “Nothing that happened last year will carry over to this year. It’s a completely new challenge. “

On the other hand, Kansas city chiefs have clearly established themselves as the best team in the AFC with Patrick Mahomes behind the center. Two consecutive participations in the Super bowl they are the only evidence needed to back up that argument. With a fearsome offense and a timely defense. It will take a major surprise for some other AFC team to change that perception..

The current MVP of the league, Aaron Rodgers led to Green bay packers to the National Conference Championship Game for the second year in a row. But a turbulent preseason that threatened to escalate to divorce distracted attention from the sporting side. Rodgers He has said that it is his “Last Dance” in Green bay. Michael Jordan concluded his with a title, Can he A-Rod do the same in “Titletown”? The pieces are undoubtedly there.

“We all know what is at stake,” he said. Rodgers.

From the hand of Josh allen, the Buffalo bills made a huge leap to the anteroom of the Super bowl last year, when the team achieved its first playoff victory since 1995. For the new season, the Bills added interesting pieces from both sides of the ball in hopes of bridging the gap to the Chiefs and, perhaps, avenge the defeat in the Conference Final.

Last year, Bucs became the first team to play, and win, the Super bowl in his own house.

Now, Los Angeles Rams they want to repeat the trick.

“It’s great motivation,” said the wide receiver. Robert Woods. “But we don’t need extra motivation.”

With Aaron Donald and the best defense of the NFL anything is possible, especially now that the team acquired the quarterback Matthew stafford to empower an inconsistent attack. Sean McVay has led The Angels to the playoffs in three of his four seasons and now with a more complete roster, he has no excuses.


There is a huge contingent of teams that seem ready to take a step forward, whether this means postseason prominence, a playoff spot, or maybe the dark horse tag. They are sets full of talent and weighed down only by a couple of questions. In the NFL not much more is needed.

The Cleveland brownsfor example, they seem to have all the pieces in place, but in the NFL current will only go as far as where Baker Mayfield be able to carry them. It’s too much to ask. In the San Francisco 49ers the situation is similar and the question will persist until coach Kyle Shanahan decides on a passer. Jimmy Garoppolo or the newbie Trey lance?

The Seattle Seahawks, meanwhile, has a fearsome offensive with the command of Russell wilson, although his defense is far from helping the cause. The case is identical to that of the Dallas cowboys with a defense that threatens to be an obstacle rather than a conduit for an attack that has all the ingredients to be spectacular.

“I think we can be the number one offense in American football, someone tell me otherwise. We go for it and we are ready,” he said. Wilson.

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