Court again adjourns coercion hearing against expelotero Juan Encarnación

Court again adjourns coercion hearing against expelotero Juan Encarnación

Former Major League Baseball player Juan Encarnación faces charges for allegedly having committed incest and abuse against a minor according to the Attorney General’s Office of the National District

For the third time in less than two weeks, the Permanent Attention Office of the Investigating Court of the National District accepts a motion for postponement of hearing regarding the request for a measure of coercion filed by the POffice of the Attorney General of the National District against the former Dominican player Juan Encarnacion, who is facing charges for allegedly committing incest and child abuse against a minor daughter.

For the second consecutive hearing, the defense of Incarnation requested the magistrate in charge of the file to postpone the hearing, this time, on the grounds that, so far, the attorney in power has not had the opportunity to see the interrogation that was carried out in Gessel Chamber, last Monday, August 30, the minor who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the former player.

The hearing was rescheduled for the next Thursday 9 September at nine o’clock in the morning (Dominican Republic).

It is remembered that Incarnation (45), is accused by the National District Prosecutor’s Office for allegedly having sexually assaulted her underage daughter last May. The mother of the minor reported that the father allegedly tried to take advantage of the girl physically while she was sleeping in her room, a situation that led to the complaint. The former player will be kept in custody at the New City Courthouse until the next hearing.

As a result, the National District Prosecutor’s Office opened its investigation and is asking the court hearing the case to Incarnatedn receive one year of preventive detention while the investigation is completed and the indictment is made.

Arguments of the defense:

Manuela Ramirez, the former player’s lawyer, has indicated on multiple occasions that the main interest of Juan Encarnacion It is the well-being of the girl and that at no time has he incurred any type of sexual assault against her.

Additionally, upon leaving the coercion hearing, he said that it is all a plot to damage his reputation. “He feels obviously hurt, because they have tried to publicly destroy an image so well earned, an impeccable image, that no one but that lady (the mother of the minor) has dared to question throughout her life.”

The defense arguments are in line with what dozens of people have expressed in front of the New City Courthouse, in the Dominican capital, while the hearings have been held. Especially today, where a large number of protesters gathered in front of the justice building, led by the fellow Dominican expelotero Odalis Perez, who stated that supposedly “they are raising false testimonies” against Incarnation.

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