Mario García: “A third of the Mexican delegation was among the 16 best in Tokyo 2020”

Mario García: "A third of the Mexican delegation was among the 16 best in Tokyo 2020"

Looking ahead to the next Olympic Games, there are high expectations for the Mexican delegation, as stated by Mario García, head of mission in Tokyo 2020

Mario Garcia De la Torre, head of mission of the Mexican delegation that participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics He assured that a third of the representatives of Mexico in the Olympic tournament finished their participation in the top 16, a situation that generates high expectations for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

At the end of the day, 172 athletes participated, what we learned from the media is that we had four third place medals and seven fourth places, it is necessary to tell other success stories, we had 17 people who were occupying from fourth to eighth place and 21 additional people who occupy place 9 to 16, that makes a total of a third of the delegation was between third and 16 place, this is a bank that it allows us to have an expectation of having a better expectation in Paris 2024 ”, he assured.

In the same way, he assured that although there are still about two years and ten months to go before the start of the next Olympic fair, the athletes, coaches and officials have no knowledge of when their selective event will be, situation affecting athletes in search of a place in Paris 2024.

The Olympic Games in Paris are on July 26, 2024, there are 2 years, ten months and 23 days to go and today few of us know what we are going to do, we have 1,057 days of deadline, and our athletes and coaches as well as officials do not know when their selective event will be, to generate that plan that can be strictly executed ”, he added.

In the end, he emphasized that it is necessary to carry out a national coordination between all groups interested in sports, this in order that different sectors can contribute in the preparation and emergence of Mexican athletes.

We need a great national coordination where all groups and managers interested in sport can give their contribution and contribution in sport, starting with the federal structure, the school structure and other organizations such as the navy and the national army, this in order to find a greater number of Mexican athletes ”, he concluded.

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