Pacquiao team crisis: Fortune vows never to stand in Freddie Roach’s gym again

Manny Pacquiao y Justin Fortune

Justin fortune, strength and conditioning coach Manny pacquiao, assured that he will never again stand on the WIld Card Gym, property of Freddie roach, from Los Angeles California.

“Keep my words well, I will never work in the team of Freddie“, said Fortune. “He blamed me for the defeat of Manny to cover up his improper preparation and didn’t tell me so to my face. Made stupid comments that aren’t even real like that Manny I ran six times a week in the Griffith park“.

Justin fortune did not stop with his anger against Roach and called him a coward when he was talking to intermediaries to blame him for the performance of the Pacman before the Cuban Yordenis Ugás.

“I feel like he’s behaving like a coward, he’s pathetic,” said the coach. “If I have something to say to you, I say it to your face and not through third parties.”

For the coach Fortune, one of the momentous events that marked the defeat of Pacquiao was the inclusion of the physiotherapist Sean Hampton within weeks of combat.

Disagreement with Roach

According to him, he did not treat the Filipino in the right way before getting into the ring and that caused him to get the cramps he complained about. Manny and that they limited their mobility in the ring.

“I believe that Freddie he brought it a week or a couple of weeks before the fight, “he said. “I don’t know if I had worked with another athlete before, but I know that you don’t touch him 30 minutes before a fight or you don’t massage his legs. It is something that can cause cramps and there are the consequences. We saw exactly what happened ”.

Finally, Fortune He acknowledged that he would not like to see Pacquiao retreat with a loss and confident that you could beat Ugas if it comes with better preparation.

“Personally I would not like to see Manny withdraw with a defeat ”, he pointed out. “I wouldn’t mind seeing him again with Ugas and I think I could beat him if he looks less rusty in the ring. If he weren’t fit, he wouldn’t have endured the 12 rounds with all his cramps. It was just a bad night “

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