The release of Sebastián Villa: “I did not suddenly leave the club because before I spoke with the coach and with the Football Council, who never listened to my requests”

The release of Sebastián Villa: "I did not suddenly leave the club because before I spoke with the coach and with the Football Council, who never listened to my requests"

After the statements of Juan Román Riquelme in F90, where he spoke about the situation of Sebastián Villa, the end of Boca Juniors made a post on your Instagram in which he responds to those sayings and clarifies what happened.

“I want to especially thank all the Boca Juniors fans, employees and managers of my club and to express to them that at no time did I want to disrespect the club, the fans, this shirt, or my teammates. On the contrary, I am proud to wear these colors because it helped me to grow as a person and as a player “, the footballer began.

Villa spoke of the European offers that he has been receiving in recent months and affirmed that Boca is the one who does not listen to his requests. “I am in the club I want to be in, happy to work day by day. I want to clarify why many false things have been said about me and I do not usually give interviews, at no time do I disrespect the club, My only disagreement, unfortunately, was with the Football Council, which never listened to the options that European clubs have for me. For more than three years I have been with the club and systematically every six months several clubs are interested in my game. Semester by semester offers have arrived to have my job and I have rejected these options prioritizing the Boca Juniors football project because playing for this club has always kept me competing for great goals“.

“When I renewed in 2021 we agreed that if an important offer arrived, the club would have no problem negotiating with me, if a convenient agreement was reached for both parties., and according to what was discussed at that time and agreed face to face to collaborate with my personal and economic growth for the club. I am a foreigner, and although I am happy that my salary has improved in 2021, understand that the circumstance of the country does not help to support my family and my expenses abroad, so I want an improvement in my professional and economic career as any worker requires it. Important offers came to the club, lso they were never treated with the professionalism that it deservesThey answered the buying club in an unfriendly way and never began a negotiation path, “continued the Colombian.

Finally, he responded to the statements about his lack of commitment to the club: “All my decisions were communicated to my teammates, who gave me their support. I did not suddenly leave the club as they say because before I spoke with the coach and with the Football Council who never listened to my requests. After this situation, and in the face of the haste for my mother’s state of health, do not hesitate to be accompanying her in this difficult moment and I thank God and all the people who sent me blessings for her and she was able to come out in the best way. I will continue to play for Boca Juniors fulfilling my contract because I am a professional player despite the amount of things they say in the media about me; I will continue to hope that if the offers are important for both the club and me, I hope they will review this situation. I think that in these three and a half years I always give myself 100%, I train fully, I give every last drop of sweat in the games, we won three titles and the joys that I have in the rest of my life will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. the club I passed and I continue to pass. See you soon when it’s my turn to play and defend these colors that are so beautiful and important to me. “

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