“When Warrington feels the first blow, he will have problems,” warns Bronco Lara

Cuando Warrington sienta el primer golpe, tendrá problemas, advierte Bronco Lara

Mauricio ‘Bronco’ Lara warns that his rival Josh warrington he’ll be in trouble when he lands the first punch during the rematch they’ll hold at the Emerald Headingley Stadium, from Leeds, England.

Warrington you will need to have a lot of plans, because once you feel the first blow, you will have problems “, warned the Rough Lara in interview for The Mirror.

The Mexican recalled that in the first battle where he surprisingly knocked out English, he barely had a month of preparation. For this rematch he has more time preparing.

“They only gave us a month to prepare for the fight last time, but this time I will be fully prepared for the fight and will be able to develop my strategies,” he explained. “I think I’ll show this preparation when I land my first serious shot in the fight, and everyone will see it.”

Lara doesn’t mind being the underdog

Mauricio Lara He assured that it does not take away his sleep to be designated a favorite or not in the fight that will take place in England, the home of his rival. In addition, the fight will be in the city of Leeds, where he is native. Warrington.

“If you look around, some say I’m the favorite, others say I’m not,” he said. “But for me none of that matters to me, he is at home, so the pressure is on him. You have to wonder why the fight is brewing in his backyard this time, so for me the pressure must be on him as well, and we have worked hard to prepare our plan. “

Finally the Mexican, is sure to come out with the victory again against Josh warrington, since he comes much more prepared than in his last confrontation.

“It doesn’t bother me to be the one who has a lack of steam,” he emphasized. Mauricio Lara. “I know I am only here to win and I will win and raise my hands. Since that fight we have been able to prepare in a smarter and more professional way ”.

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