Young Dominican stars take ownership of a season dominated by pitchers

Young Dominican stars take ownership of a season dominated by pitchers

Despite the fact that 2021 has been dominated by the little offensive power shown by MLB hitters, several of the most important Dominican stars are about to finish the year as the best offenses in the league.

2021 has been a hitters nightmare. Despite the fact that, from the second half, the teams of the Big leagues have started to hit better overall, there is no doubt that this will be remembered as one of the least batting years in the history of professional baseball in the United States.

To date, the team batting average among the 30 teams from the Big leagues He’s anemic .242, followed by .316 on-base percentage (OBP) and .408 slugging, which translates to .724 OPS. These statistical data are important because they precede a reality that is currently being experienced in MLBFew are the hitters who sustain high-level production in the majority of offensive pigeonholes.

In fact, at this time only 12 players have a batting average above .300, three have an OBP of .400 or more and 32 have an SLG of .500 or more, this in a universe of 840 players who are found on roster expanded to 28.

However, from the small group of players who are hitting at the elite level, there is a group of young Dominican stars who are having a great year, despite the circumstances that have surrounded 2021.

Starting with Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who if not for the huge season of Shohei ohtani, would be the main candidate for the award of Most valuable Player of the American league, in what has been his best year in MLB. Warrior he’s in the top 10 hitters in the top offensive metrics. .312 batting average (sixth in MLB), .405 OBP and .600 SLG. In addition, it is second in MLB in home runs with 39.

Washington Nationals gave up weeks ago in the chase for a postseason spot, however, Juan Soto He has not given up and completely transformed a slow start to have an excellent season. With a .302 batting average, .963 OPS and 23 home runs, Soto He is proving again why he is one of the best hitters in the majors.

Fernando Tatis Jr. he has lost a significant number of games due to a shoulder injury, however, “The child”Has known how to take advantage of every playing opportunity and is one of the favorites to win the prize of Most valuable Player of the National League. He is the leader of the “Old Circuit”In home runs with 36 and leads the MLB in SLG with .638.

The list would not be complete without mention of Rafael Devers, who has been two of the most consistent young hitters in the American League all year. With 32 home runs and an .899 OPS, “Little face“He is not only the most productive hitter of the Red Sox So far in 2021, he must also be ranked among the best offensive third basemen of the year.

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