Ardie Savea throbbed the duel against Australia: “We don’t have to relax”

Ardie Savea throbbed the duel against Australia: "We don't have to relax"

New Zealand Captain Ardie Savea, says that still there is a lot at stake for the team, even though already secured the Bledisloe Cup one more year. The All Blacks were left with the traditional trophy that both teams dispute every year, after a 57-22 beating against the Wallabies in mid-August, a week after opening their account with a 33-25 win.

Despite the triumphs, for Ardie Savea there is still a lot to do and stated that “despite the fact that the Bledisloe is already closed, We consider this to be a match also for the Rugby Championship and it is reason enough for us to go out and act well“, he said in the previous match between the two teams in Perth.

“I know my way of thinking is that every time I wear the shirt, it’s an important match. That’s our way of thinking, and I think a lot of the guys feel that way. We don’t take it for granted and every time we go out to play a game, we put on our shirts and we want to perform for that. “

It is a different week. They are unique times. It’s challenging, but it’s also quite unique to stay mentally prepared, “said the newly installed captain. Savea insists he didn’t need to talk too much for the All Blacks to focus on the clash in Perth.” You don’t need many words to show you’re mentally involved, “said the third line and added” simply I trust my colleagues they will do their best tomorrow. “

There is also the motivation of the rematch for New Zealand, which fell 47-26 the last time they visited Perth in 2019. Scott Barrett was sent off in the first half and the hosts took the opportunity to beat the All Blacks and record a record win over the three-time world champions.

“There was great pain after that game, I was there and it was a feeling that was not very pleasant, so the topic was briefly touched upon this week and we don’t want it to be repeated tomorrow“Savea said.

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