Diego López went from seeing London 2012 at home to being a triple Paralympic medalist at Tokyo 2020

Diego López went from seeing London 2012 at home to being a triple Paralympic medalist at Tokyo 2020

Mexican Diego López fulfilled his promise at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and went from watching the games on television to becoming a medalist

Of gold, silver and bronze, this was the way of Diego Lopez in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, one that was drawn nine years ago, when he saw London 2012 from the armchair of his home in Xalapa, Veracruz, and that this Friday made a reality by raising his third Olympic medal at just 26 years old.

Diego, the ‘Misili’ López promised not to return to his home, in Xalapa, without fulfilling his dreams and objectives, and although today he has already fulfilled, he realized that he still has a long way to go and his ceiling was raised higher.

It gives nostalgia and you say it was all worth it, every meter and every stroke swim”, Shared ESPN Digital who was also the standard bearer of the Mexican delegation.

I was quite nervous and with the bronze it was calm and my mind was of I have nothing to lose and much to gain. Nothing to lose because I already had my medal and it was the goal and I didn’t care about the color. Now I have one of each color and it is something very very cool. They tell me, you took all the flavors and yes, I brought one of each ”, he explained to this portal.

He is sure of one thing and that is that he entered the history of his city as the only Paralympic athlete with a medal in a summer joust. With a sweet memory and a happy countenance, the ” Missile ” remembered that his parents were the first ones he spoke to and that listening to his mother crying with happiness made all the effort worth it.

“I was very happy to hear from my mother who was in a flood of tears, although I don’t like to see her cry. Listening to my mother was very rewarding. My dad was between holding back and crying and that feeling of having complied. When I left home I didn’t know if I was going to achieve it or not and they gave me that vote of confidence, “he said.

I decided not to return home until I achieved my goal, now I am successful and I am not going back yet. I have a lot to give, many competitions and follow my dream because this does not stop in this competition and I want to achieve the goal of being one of the top medalists of the Mexican para-swimming team, ”he said.

López fulfilled many dreams in Tokyo 2020 and one of them was to compete and win a medal alongside one of his idols, Arnulfo Castorena, who also took gold in the 50-meter chest.

I have three idols. I have always said it, they are Pedro Rangel, Aramitzi González and Arnulfo Castorena. It’s nice to share these moments with him and see that he won a gold medal. I remember something nice that he told me the day he won his gold in 50 meters breaststroke, he told me ‘And yours is missing, kid, I’m sure you’re going to achieve it’. So when he told me that and then in the dining room he told me ‘Yours is missing’, as twice it was like ‘no manches’, now competing with him continues to be my idol and will always be ”.

Diego, the ‘Missile’ López conquered Tokyo 2020 and its passage through Xalapa will be fleeting, just to say hello. When he was nine years old in the armchair in his living room, with his parents and watching London 2012, he remembered how swimming changed his life when he went through difficult times.

“SIt’s been nine years since I was sitting with my parents and from there I didn’t stop. I was in a complicated stage of many relaxes, I began to motivate myself in what I wanted and it was motivating for me and finish high school”.

“If someone sees me as motivation in sports, the same in school. It costs me a lot, it costs me more at school than swimming (laughs), so it is something that would encourage all people ”, he concluded.

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